Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Prayer Warriors Needed......

Today's post is a little bit different from the things that I usually post about.  Please take time to read this post and allow God to use you in whatever way He chooses...

Today, my heart is heavy because there is another family in our community with a desperate need.  As you all may know, (Coach) Fred and Renee Griffin's oldest daughter (Katie) just had her first baby about 4 weeks ago.  This past week, baby Zeb was diagnosed with having Neuroblastoma (Cancer). 

Our family is one that has experienced receiving the awful news of being told your child, grandchild, nephew, cousin,  has cancer and I can definitely tell you, IT IS DEVASTATING NEWS!  We were Blessed to have many, many people praying for Tucker as he battled Leukemia. 

Now, it is our time to be prayer warriors for this family.  We need to fervently be in prayer for the Smith Family (Baby Zeb, Katie and Jason) as well as Fred, Renee and the rest of the family.  We need a prayer circle and I am asking each of you to join me and my family as we lift this family before God. 

I know that during our time of trial with Tucker's illness, we had people all over this nation praying for him.  I actually received an email from Africa, letting me know that Tucker was in their prayers.  These were people that I did not know and have never met.  This is a big world, but each of us have family and friends that know other family and friends.  Please, Please ask them to Pray for baby ZEB.

This family is going through a very difficult time right now.  They do not even know what stage the cancer is in.  I know that Katie and Jason would normally welcome your visits and I am sure they covet your thoughts and your prayers..  Just remember that it takes some time to absorb all the information that they have been given and their emotions may only allow them to want to be with their close family right now. This is so normal and as each day passes, they will be able to understand all of our concerns for them.  

We also know that along with the diagnosis of cancer, comes many burdens that are totally unexpected.  Financial Burdens being one of them.  A benefit account has been set up for Zeb Smith at Citizens State Bank, Chandler, Texas, to help this family with any financial burdens.  Please open your heart and give. 

It's not as if this family has not already been introduced to cancer.  Renee herself has been battling Multiple-Myeloma for several years now.  Renee is my friend and on her behalf,  I ask for your prayers.  Help me keep this Prayer Circle going in order that we may see God's hand as He brings healing to baby Zeb and Renee.

God is in Control and we must understand that He knows every burden that is on the shoulders of these people that we love.  There is Power in Praising God and their is Power in Prayer. 

In God's Love,

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Country Dreaming said...

Many prayers being sent their way.
May God's steady hand hold all involved.


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