Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

Well, I did it....I took my precious little Bella to the vet for a little surgical procedure.....

It took a very long time for us to decide to get another pet.  We really have not had one since Sandy died about 15 years ago.  Sam just not feel like he ever  would want another dog.  He let himself become so attached to Sandy and it broke his heart when we found out she had cancer.  I will say she was the best dog anyone could have. 

She came up as a stray and she and I were at odds that very first day.  When the back door opened, she ran in and took off towards the back part of the house.  When I finally found her, she was laying on top of Trista's brand new bedspread.  I am sure I went ballistic!   Sam somehow convinced me to let her stay around and before I knew it, I was attached to her as well.  She was completely house broke, even though she was outside most of the time.  Sandy would go to the neighbors yard to do her business.  She never used our yard, so I guess you could say she was yard broke too!

We did finally break down and get Bella about 5 months ago and I have fallen in love with her too.  She only has one little eye, but she is so super sweet.  She actually is going to be a small shih Tzu and that is exactly what I was looking for when we got her.  (You know....., the grandkids needed a dog, so...Pops finally let us get one).

I wanted to make sure that we didn't have any smaller little shih Tzu's running around here, so that is why she had her surgery.  The entire family has been spoiling her so bad.  She loves her trick treats and I am almost sure she has had WAY more than her share since she came home from the vet. 

Now, we are one big complete family!  You know..... kids, grandkids, niece, and a dog.  What more could you ask for?
I thought we had it all, but Taylor has informed me that we need a fish.  I'm like what???  What is this family coming to?
Where am I going to put a fish? 

Don't be surprised if we end up with a family of fish to take care of.   I think I might be able to handle fish, but they better not ask for those ugly little animals.   I am drawing the line on  little hamsters or guinea pigs....Nope, I don't want anything that resembles a rat in this house. 

Surely, oh surely they won't be able to talk me into those little stickers that go on the back of your car.   Wouldn't that be cute?  A dad, a mom, three girls, two guys, four boys, two little girls, a dog, and a fish on the back windshield of my bug.   

Only three of us live here, plus Bella, but I couldn't possibly leave any of them out IF they did talk me into those crazy cut out people.  And of course, I'd have to have the sticker that says "One Happy Family" or should it say "One Crazy Family"

Bella did great with her surgery, so now I guess we have a dog for keeps!


Love your animals.......

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