Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What in the world is going on?

Found this old post in my files and thought that you might enjoy it again...I am reminded of this all the time....But hey, it is FUNNY!  Enjoy

By now, you all should know just how hilariously crazy my life can be.....Well, once again a crazy moment has occurred.

Mylee loves to swim and she has one of those little blow up pools that sits on my back porch.  (I guess it's not so little, but hey, this two year old needed plenty of room to swim .) 

I can't swim very well, so this pool works well for the two of us!

Day before yesterday, I was out on the porch and I decided that since Shanda is out of school and Mylee wont be coming everyday, that I would get the pool out of my way!  I had this bright idea, that I could push it up on the roof of the house and that way I wouldn't have to deflate it. 

Taylor comes out and helps me as we struggle to push the thing up on the steeper part of the roof.  (I know the neighbors were wondering what on earth?)
As a matter of fact, when Carson came by the house yesterday, he was so stressed because he thought I was going to make Mylee swim in her pool up there.

We haven't had any rain in about three months, so who would expect it to rain this week?  I know you see where I am going here.  During the night last night, it rained so hard and it is still pouring down at this time.  Already nine inches of rain. 

Sam had already left for work this morning when I remembered the pool was on top of the house.  I almost panicked.  I called him and he immediately wanted to know what was wrong.  I told him where I had put the pool and then I hear this silence on the phone.  I would loved to have seen his face.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do if I couldn't reach him.  I had considered shooting the thing with Tucker's BB gun, but how would I explain that to Mylee?

He is not far away, and tells me he will be right here.  It is pouring down rain and lightning really bad.  When he gets here, he quickly realizes that there is no way that he can reach the pool, so he gets a large professional broom and tries to pull the thing down.  It comes down alright.  Right on top of his head!

Sam is soaked and you know the looks I am getting at this point.  The good thing is, that he really is so easy going and after the initial shock of the cold water drenching him, he just laughs because he knows he can always expect crazy things out of me. 

I probably won't be putting the pool back up on the roof any time soon.  Don't you wonder what tomorrow will bring?? 


Don't live a boring life.....It's OK to be a little crazy ever now and then!!

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