Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sparkle and Shine

I like knowing that I don't have to make the same choices in life as everyone else!

I am able to make my own decisions and I don't have to be like all the other '49' year old women in this world. 

As a woman, it is important to focus on my own needs from time to time.  I like to feel confident enough to take on challenges that other women my age might consider to be too silly for an adult woman. 

If I want to Shine, then I don't mind wearing glitter!  If I want to be Spontaneous,I don't mind packing a bag in 20 minutes and taking off on some trip....As this thing we call AGE approaches each year, I feel totally free to enjoy my life in a way that is very satisfying. 

One thing that I find to be very relaxing is to Color and Draw.  I like to challenge my grandchildren in these awesome drawing contest. We may draw things like summer scenes, or we may just see who is better at writing their name in all kinds of weird shapes...

No one says you have to say GOODBYE to enjoying all the things you enjoyed as a child!

I like being in charge of my own life.  I like knowing that I can have fun, and I also like knowing that I am mature enough to put things into perspective.  Perspective as in realizing that I am an adult and that I am a wife, mother, grandmother and a Christian lady.  I do have responsibilities in life, but that does not mean that I can no longer sparkle. 

I am Me,and I am Blessed because I have the freedom to enjoy both worlds.  I can move ahead with confidence and wisdom while enjoying life to the fullest.


Let your life Shine and do good for the LORD!

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