Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The metal helmet

My, how things have changed!!!!

Curlers and a set please......... Of course, a shampoo as well.  The most relaxing thing of all was to sit under the giant metal helmet and experience the warm air as it circulated all around you.  The noise of the dryer was so loud that all you could do was imagine the conversations going on right there in the shop.  

Occasionally you would ask for a manicure that included the heated lotion and a little nail polish.  Can you imagine how pampered a lady must have felt in getting their hair and nails done at the same time.  I really doubt that many women ask for pedicures, but who knows.  

The lady under that metal helmet was my grandmother.  I know that she must have thoroughly enjoyed going to the beauty shop and taking some time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.    

Check out the plugs and the lights.  How interesting to see all the different ways they had of plugging things in.  I love the ones running up to the light fixtures that are hanging from the ceiling.  And how cute is the display cabinet filled with all kinds of beauty stuff.
I would be willing to bet that there was even some of that hair powder that they used way back then to fluff up your hair so it wasn't so oily.   (When I was little, mother would let us look in a chest that was full of my grandmother's things.  I can remember playing with her box of hair powder.  It even came in colors!)

Isn't it amazing how we have come so far?  I can't help but wonder what my grandmother would have thought if she had the opportunity today to experience the pleasures of going to a salon.  Especially one of those that greets you with a smile and sometimes a glass of wine.

Salons today have pleasant music playing in the background and you are able to make the choices of having a massage, skin care, make up, hair, nails, pedicure.......whatever it is you want.  These people are there to make us feel great.  From the time you walk in, until the time you walk out, it is all about making you feel pampered. 

Life was so simple back then, and I would love to be able to slip back for one day and experience that simplicity of life?  But, I certainly do appreciate all the pleasures we have today.  What we have are Blessings that way too often we take for granted. 

I am sure that the next time I am treated to a nice pedicure, I will think about this old picture I found.  I will think about the comforts that surround me and I will know just how Blessed we really are. 


Enjoy life and all that it brings.  Enjoy the Blessings of this day.................

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Country Dreaming said...

I was just commenting to Ken on how things have changed over the years. We were refering to technology but changes affect everything in our lives.
I remember going to the "beauty shop" with my Mom and sometimes gettting my hair "done " too.

Enjoy your day.


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