Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look in the Mirror, what do you see?

The topic I chose to write about today is  "Believing in your own Beauty"

In today's world, we mainly focus on the beauty that we find in magazines.  It is amazing how everything is based on ones beauty.  Young people are obsessed with trying to look like the models in these magazines or by what they see on TV.

It is hard to see real beauty...Beauty that is seen in unrecognized places.  Beauty that lies within each of us.  All we have to do is to let our minds take us to the place that allows us to be appreciative of what is all around us.

We must remember that our Beauty is about the way we invite people into our hearts.  It's about the way we allow other people to be a part of our own life.

Beauty does not have to be about a face with no blemishes.  It doesn't have to be about having the perfect eyes and perfect lips.  So much emphasis is placed on the perfect shape of our bodies and by what we wear. 

The true gauge of Beauty should be recognized by a person's energy, hope, courage, grace, honesty, kindness and compassion for others. 

You don't have to look in a mirror to second guess your own beauty.  If you really want to know your own beauty, then look at the way you live your life and the way your treat your friends.

Believe that you are a beautiful person.  Be wise - reach out to those in need.  Embrace others, Love yourself.  Be radiant in your personality.  By doing these things, we create a vision for others to see the beauty and uniqueness that is ours.


I am so thankful for the Beauty God provides in me.
It is my job to use what He has provided in order for others to see my true beauty!


Country Dreaming said...

Oh, this is a tough one. Most of the time I am pleased with me and then there are times that I'm not. Now I know that I'm not that different than most women but it is hard to remember there is more to the idea of beauty than our appearances.
Again--well said!


Mom on the go said...

This is something I want Mylee to know. I hope I am sending the right messages to her.

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