Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Thing called GETTING OLD...

Our Prayers are with the people of our neighboring state, OKLAHOMA......  Lives lost, and so much damage caused by tornado's.
So many people have experienced devastating loss, so PLEASE remember to keep them
in your prayers!

I took my Dad to the doctor again yesterday and by the time we left, my heart was heavy.  It's not because of something life threatening going on with him, but because it is hard to see your parents
experiencing the obstacles of life that face many of us as we grow older. 

The slowing of their ability to comprehend.  A simple question ask by the receptionist, nurse or doctor turns into a remembrance of the past.  Then a story must be told!  By the time the story is over, they can't remember the original question or perhaps can't remember that a question was ever ask.   sometimes you might see  panic race across their face when they don't fully understand something they are being told.  The elderly certainly do not understand this thing we call the  age of technology we live in today.  A doctor's visit long ago was just that.  You went to the doctor and  all your needs were taken care of in one place.  Most of the time, someone in the office was either a friend or you were related to them in some way.  It was a one stop visit.   Today, it is quite different.  You go one place to get the orders, then another to have all your lab done.  After many stops,  they eventually have you end up in your doctor's waiting room.  A few more stops and finally you see the doctor.  The routine to check out is an adventure itself.  You don't just stop and pay your bill.  You are directed from one place to another before you finally get to exit the door to go home. 

However, all of this perplexity that surrounds them does not necessarily merit a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or Dementia. It is just the process of of aging.   Our parents can be very sharp in the mind when it comes to things that are of interest to them or things they do on a daily basis.   But, a lot of times they become dependent upon their children to think for them, which causes a disconnection from their daily functioning.  A simple task turns into chaos and confusion for them.

And then you have the slowing down of their body movements.  An unsteady walk or a small tremble of the hands that they feel uncomfortable about, so they no longer try.  They have aches and pains that never seem to go away no matter how much medicine is given each day.  You want to help, but what is it that you can do?

It is is very sad!  It is sad to see someone you love struggle with the small details of life.  It is sad to watch that once strong individual having to give up on  things in life because their abilities no longer allow them to function as they once did.  I really do understand that this is the process of life, but never the less it is still difficult. 

I see my dad every single day and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to do so.  I guess my eyes were opened a little more yesterday when I realized what life is like for him when he has to do things on his own.  It is definitely NOT  the same as seeing him in the comfort of my home or his.  I was able to observe his actions in a more complex way. 

Respect is what they deserve and that respect comes even in the midst of them being in a confused state of mind.  I hope I never forget that word RESPECT.  I hope that no matter what state of confusion my dad has, I will always give him that respect and honor that he has earned. 

Dignity is a mighty big thing and I want to help him keep his dignity in all that he is able to do.
Life goes on each and every day.......I want to do what I can to help him make the best of this thing we call............... Getting Old!

Pray for our older people of today.....You will be Blessed!

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