Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Labels of Worth

Labels of Worth....I hear so many people label themselves.  Labels such as:  I am a stress eater, I am a risk taker, I am a neat freak, I'm a loner, I am a follower....

We use these labels so freely.  We use these labels because they give us the permission we need to make excuses for ourselves. What we are saying about being a stress eater, is that we expect to eat all that we want just because stress knocks on our door. 

If we say, I'm a risk taker, that sets us up to have an excuse if we fail at what we are trying to accomplish. 

Have you ever thought about those labels we placed on one another when we where in school.  Things like... Most likely to Succeed, Most beautiful, Most Atheletic. 

Numerous times, I have heard someone say...."And to think, He was voted Most Likely to Succeed"...and then they go on to say, "I wonder what happened to him.  I wouldn't call that succeeding?"  Or, people may expect you to be a Pro Football player, Pro Basketball player, and a Pro Golfer, just because you were voted Most Atheletic!

We all do this!  Labels are just a part of life.  How we choose to use these labels is up to us.  Do we step out of our comfort zones and live up to the label that we have placed upon ourselves, or do we place limits on ourselves and never explore the incredible possibilities that come our way. 

So many times, I have said, "I am just a housewife" and that kept me from feeling that I could accomplish goals.  I made myself believe that I needed to concentrate only on the things that housewifes do. (Cook, Clean, Iron, Laundry, Errands).

Just in recent years have I discovered that, Yes, I am a housewife and because I am, I have the priviledge of exploring all the things I want to explore in life.  I can say, "I am a good cook", the reason is because I cook a LOT, and I like it.  I can say, " I am the outdoors type", because I like to be outside.  I like to work in my yard..I like planting flowers and making our yard beautiful.  I can say, "I am an artist", because I love art of all kinds and I am not afraid to try.   I love to be creative.   "I am a writer."  I can say this, because I love to blog. 

Not all labels are bad......"I am a Christian" allows me the opportunity to live my life for the Lord and to invite others to become Christians as well....

Use caution when you choose to label your children....What you might entertain as funny, could end up being a negative label that your child takes with them through out life. 

Let the labels you give yourself or the labels you place upon other people, be uplifting.  A label that does not restrict, but one that encourages. 


Enjoy the amazing opportunities of Life!

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Trish said...

Great reminder! I needed this! :)

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