Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Simple Pleasures

The weather matches my mood today.......

I am in a Fantastic Mood!!

A short time ago I was looking at some old photographs and I was
reminded of the summers when I was little.  I know it's not summer yet, but the day is so nice that I took a little time to reminisce.

I hope this doesn't age me, but seriously, I must say those days were what I would call "The Best" times ever. 

I remember visiting my cousins and all the fun we made for ourselves.  It wasn't about going to town, watching TV, or buying new toys.  Most of our days were spent outside playing in the dirt and making up things to do.  We even loved playing in the PIG PEN.  It wasn't what you would think a pig pen would be like.  It wasn't full of slop and dirty mud puddles.  I will admit that there were a few areas we didn't go to, but for the most part, we played cowboys and Indians all through the gulley's where the pigs were. 

We would ride in the back of my uncle's dump truck when we went to the farm.  I just have to assume that the dumping part was locked in order for him to let us ride there.  The air was always fresh and I can just see my sister, myself and our two cousins with the wind blowing in our faces as we sang "Soldier Boy"  in the back of that old truck. 

We were always begging our parents to take us fishing.  It definitely wasn't the kind of fishing they do today.  We would have our cane pole with the red and white bobber on the end.  It wasn't a lake that we liked to fish in, it was just an old creek running through the farm.  We would fish for a while and if we decided we wanted to run play hide and seek, then we would stick those poles into the side of the creek bed and take off.  Sometimes we would have a fish when we got back and sometimes there would be nothing. 

We all loved swimming, but we never swam in a pool with crystal clear water.  No, we had a place called "Deadman's Hole" that we would swim in.  I know, it sounds terrible, but it really wasn't.  It was just a hole in the middle of another creek bed, and when it rained a lot, we would all go swimming.  If it was dry, then we just were out of luck. 

One of my most favorite things was riding on the tailgate of the truck.  We would all try to fit on the back so our feet could hang off.  Barefoot and all, here we would go.  It was great to feel your toes running through the sand on the old dirt roads. When we would get home, our feet and legs would be covered in dirt.  

Sunday's were great because we would have lunch on the grounds at the church and there would be revivals and singings that people loved to go to.  I especially loved Easter Sunday when I was a child.  I remember my mother starching our "can cans" the week before so our dresses would be full and stand way out!

Those were the good ol' days.  Picking blackberries on the side of the road, walking to town, going to the fields to pick fresh peas and watermelons, climbing trees, catching fire flies at night, and just simply being a kid.  You didn't have to be scared to play outside by yourself and there were NO SCHEDULES.  Life was not busy.

I am glad that I took the time to look at those old photographs.  I am glad that today is a beautiful day that reminds me of summers long ago.  I am especially glad that I have the memories that I hold dear to my heart.  We do have the comforts of daily living now, but I would not trade one single moment of those days for anything. 

Thank you Lord for each one of those special memories!

Enjoy the Blessings of this day..............

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