Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Egg Carton

It is that time again.........I need to use the the egg carton analogy to process what is going on in my life and with all of my time....

Right now the receptacles are not equal and that tells me that I have some things out of balance.  There are 12 different areas that are demanding my time and as it stands right now, the first four or five are using up everything I have.  The way I figure it, I have at least seven of those receptacles that are being totally neglected. 

To make matters worse, everything has shifted and several of my priorities are now in the middle or on the left side of the carton.  I ask myself how does this happen? I have come to realize that  those important things are what is dear to my heart and I just assume that if I skip a day of tending to them it is alright.  But one day leads to another and then another until that area is completely neglected. 

I think that first of all I need to reestablish the differences between important and urgent.  Both of these areas need my attention, but it is quite obvious that urgent is of greater need than the important things.  With important, I need to figure out who it is important to.  Does it benefit me and my family, or is it only a benefit to others.

It is vital that I learn to say NO to additional commitments.  A lot of times I find myself saying yes to something when I automatically know that my time is going to pushed to the limit.
This only brings on undue stress that I don't need.  I just don't want to feel guilty for not doing something that others may have asked me to do.  I have to learn to dump that guilt in order for me to be free of stress and by doing so, I can use my emotions in a more constructive way to take care of the things I am already committed to. 

My goal is to a have clear sense of what matters most in my life and stick to those areas in order that I can evenly fill all of the receptacals in my egg carton.  That way nothing is neglected and I am able to go to sleep at night without worrying about how I am going to catch up the next day.  

Today I plan on putting things back in order.  The prioities will be back in their place and I will strive to make sure that all of these 12 areas of my life get  their share of what I have to give....

Life is good and I am thankful for each day!

Be Blessed Today........I know I am!

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