Sunday, April 18, 2010

One Crazy Lady

There is NO doubt about it, I LOVE MY GRANDCHILDREN!

I have a journal for each one of them and I try to write
in it every week.  Not anything big, but something about
them that stood out to me that particular week. 

A lot of times I will sit and read what I have written in the past and I can almost vision that very event happening again. It is usually something so little that they may have said, or something they did that I loved, or even a special need of prayer.  

It's the small things that we often forget about and the years ahead rob us of those precious moments.  By writing about them in their journals, I can cherish those times and I hope that in years to come they will look at them and sweet memories will be theirs again.  
 Tucker is my grandson that always sings to me, and his favorite song is "You are my Sunshine".  I know that he has probably sung that song to me at least 500 times.  No matter how many times he sings it, it gets sweeter each time.

Trey, Trey is the one that laughs ALL the time.  Everything to him is funny. He is always pulling jokes on me and trying to scare me. I call him my little rooter, tooter.  One thing special about Trey is that he always wants a snack, or 2 or 3 when he comes to Shug's house.
I laughed when I read this page in Tyler's journal.  I am sure we took a lot more pictures of him and did some extra crazy things because he was the first grandchild.  I don't even remember where we were when we had this button made, but it was HUGE.  The button was a picture of him and I can remember how cute we thought it was.  I probably wore the thing around for days thinking I had the most wonderful grandson ever. (and I do)   "Grandma's do strange things"
I do love to journal and I love to journal about those in my life that are so very special to me.  It is such a Blessing to look back and read the prayers that you have prayed for a particular child and to be able to see what GOD has done in their lives.  I hope that these journals in themselves will be a testimony to each of my grandchildren.  The kids may someday read them and think (Geez, our Shug is one crazy lady), but that is ok with me.  There is no way that they can read the pages of these journals and not feel the love that I have for each one. 

I would encourage you to take the time to journal about the special adventures in your life.
I know that as for me, every word that I write reveals something that has touched my heart. 

Hope today, your life is filled with joy and peace.

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  1. I love to journal too! When I look back over the years it makes me remember happy times and sad times that I may have forgotten otherwise. It is therapy for the soul.


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