Saturday, April 17, 2010

Catch a Fish, Catch a Shoe

The Kids were all out of school yesterday, so we had us a good ol' lazy fishing day....

Lots of fun and a lot of good memories!

Fishing with 6 grandchildren, 2 daughters, and a wife could not have been the most relaxing day for Sam, but for the rest of us, it was pure relaxation!  We fished with those little red and white bobbers...The kind of fishing that calls for a worm or minnows.  Of course, the little ones did not want to touch the  slimy worms or the minnows.  Sam was constantly changing out the bait or getting a hook untangled.  They would get their line snagged on something or get it tangled up with each others line.  Believe me, Sam had his work cut out for him.

Shug was the picture taker and mostly the one in charge of making sure nobody fell in...Especially Mylee Jo.  As you can see, she did a little fishing herself.

At first the fish were not biting, but then Tyler caught a good size fish and all the kids rushed to that exact spot to try to catch the next one. 
Fishing poles and hooks going ever which way.  Determination was in the air.  Six poles all fighting to get in that one area in hopes that the next fish was going to be theirs.

Shanda was pretty content being where she was at.  She spent most of her time lounging in the sun, sipping her tea.  She might have picked up a pole once or twice, but NO fish for her....

Tyler was totally enjoying his day of fishing...
No worries, No problems, just a new technique for fishing.  I even saw him shut his eyes a few times.  I guess it works though, cause he caught several fish. 
Tori had a great time.  She loved putting her hand down in the minnows and she loved constantly checking on the fish we had already caught.  She caught a fish or two, but somewhere along the way, she lost her shoe. (Did I just make a rhyme?) WOW!   It ended up in the lake, but we were able to recover it.   Tori along with Mylee, Shanda, and Trista took a little time to pose for a photo shot.

It ended up being a wonderful fishing day.  We caught some moss, and yes a shoe.  We also caught 17 fish, but most of all, we caught some Fishing Fever!!

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