Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hungry Eyes.........

Have your eyes ever been hungry?  It probably has happened to us all at one time or another...

Kids always have hungry eyes.  This evening we took Tucker and one of his cousins (on his dad's side of the family) to eat...Cheddar's was the choice for the evening.  Not bad, Sam and I both like Cheddar's.
Sometimes a long wait, but the spinach dip makes it worth it...

We get seated at our table and when the waitress gets there, she took the drink order and ask if we were interested in an appetizer.  Tucker knew right away that he wanted the chips and queso.  I could
tell as soon as Tuck opened his menu that he had already spotted the exact dish he wanted to order...

The waitress came back with the appetizer and was ready to take our order.  $13.99 Steak and Ribs was Tucker's choice.  His cousin ordered a chicken dinner, Sam ordered a vegetable plate and I ordered the potato skins.  After our order was placed, I noticed a look on Tuck's face and I ask if there was something wrong.  He said "No, but I was just wondering how big my steak was going to be"
I assured him that it would probably be more than he could eat. 

As the waitress brought the order out, I could see Tucker's eyes looking really big....His plate was huge.  Ribs, steak, Fries, and a loaded baked potato to top it off.   I knew he was already full from eating the queso and chips.  His took his knife and fork and started cutting into the steak.   Close to the last bite of the steak, he started making these moaning  sounds  and leaning back as to say "I can't eat anymore".
Left on his plate were the ribs, the baked potato, the fries and a couple bites of the steak.

His cousin had eaten about half of his order and I myself could not eat but maybe three or four of the potato skins.  We ask for a carry out box and the waitress brought us two.  Both of the boxes were full and could have fed two other people.  It was quite obvious that at our table the eyes were more hungry than our stomachs.  One good thing is that we didn't let the food go to waste.  When we got home, Taylor had not eaten and when she opened the box, it was as if we had ordered her a plate.  She certainly was glad to see all the food.  I don't think I mentioned Sam's plate.  He did not have any left overs.  Needless to say, his plate was empty!!

Hungry eyes are not wise.

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