Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cutest Yard Guy

Keeping a yard is hard work.....

I'm probably not your norm when it comes to my yard.  I like a pretty yard and I want everything to

be trimmed and the grass mowed.  When I say not norm, that means that I like the yard to be mowed

a couple times a week...Sometimes it's hard to get it done just once a week but twice is certainly nice. 

We have really been working in the yard this Spring and it is beginning to take shape.  I took some

Pictures of the back hedge a couple of weeks ago and as you can see they were really getting too

big.  Well, Sam started trimming them yesterday afternoon and I can now tell you that they are no

longer too BIG...  Check them out now!  All those beautiful

bushes are now cut down to nothing.  I'm thinking that they

surely will come back out.  We have so much more to do.

Who could possibly imagine that underneath those tall

bushes were lots and lots and lots of dead leaves.

Hidden underneath those leaves was some poison oak!

Last year I saw some of it coming up, but I decided to take

matters into my own hands instead of asking the

professional Nurseryman that lives with me.  I got out the

sprayer and added what I thought was just a little bit of

Round Up.  I filled that sprayer full and went to work on that poison oak with a vengence.  It was a

little windy that day, but I never thought twice about the wind.  The next week, my neighbor called

and it seems that the wind navigated some of my Round Up over her way.  I would say that probably

about two feet of her beautiful grass had turned brown...Oops, I had made a bad mistake and I knew

That Sam was not going to be that thrilled with me. 

Oh well, the grass has almost grown back but Sam decided that I didn't need to be the one in control

of getting rid of the beautiful plant that makes you itch this year.

He cut down the bushes so that we could get all the leaves cleaned out and so he could kill out the

poison oak...

My back yard is not a pretty sight at the moment, but I know that after HE gets it all picked up

it will be beautiful again...  The front yard is looking pretty good and one reason is because of this

beautiful tree that Sam planted for me a couple of years ago.

I have never seen another one like it.  The leaves

are a beautiful golden green color and for that

 reason, the tree stands out!  I constantly am

having people ask me about it.  Too bad we don't

grow them! 

I found these beautifl Iris's in the yard that once belonged to his grandparents.  I would love to

have some in my yard....Sooooooooooo,

Last night Sam and I were talking and I said to him "You must not be interested in going and

digging up the Yellow Iris's that I want".  His remark to me was "Shug, you are killing me".

I don't want to do that, but I do know him pretty well and I feel positive that the yard will be

back in shape real soon and I will have those Yellow Iris's as a part of the landscape...

I have the cutest yard guy ever........He simply is the Best!!

Hope You Enjoy the Blessings of this Day!!

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