Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Will Listen for Free

I have noticed that in this country there is always at least one person in a crowd that has a desperate need to share their life with anyone that will listen....

Getting caught in this situation at a Doctor's Office can be extremely difficult.  You might find yourself limited on the excuses you can give to get up and leave.  You just have to sit and pray that the nurse calls your name real soon.

This happened to me not long ago.  I was sitting all by myself in a section that had many other chairs.  I know I must have had some kind of light flashing over my head like "I LISTEN FOR FREE".

I caught a movement out of my eye and here she came.  A lady on a mission making her way to get to that one chair RIGHT NEXT TO ME!

After a somewhat lengthy visit I learned some very interesting news.  She was not at all happy with her son-in-law JD.  Seems JD had a lot of issues and for one thing, he was known to be a cheater.  And........ For those of you that didn't know, IT IS POSSIBLE to have a boil on your butt cheeks.  (Thank goodness I didn't have to see hers).   

Lesson Learned:  Act like you have a virus and make several trips to the restroom...And don't ever forget to pack a set of ear plugs.
You just never know when you will need them..

Have a Blessed Day!

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock