Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, July 11, 2015

a Great day...

Sure has been an awesome day with my honey......One of those days with nothing planned....NO time schedules!

Spent some time this morning visiting my dad, and sitting at the car dealership....waiting for a light replacement on my SUV.   Then, it was lunch at Newks!  BBQ pizza and a soda!!  The best part.....spending quality time with Sam.   

This afternoon......we enjoyed a little sunshine!  We are working on our tans for the cruise.... the one we have coming up in September!  

Doesn't this look refreshing?  2 bad it doesn't belong to me!

I've spent the rest of the afternoon, packing for a small trip that we have coming up.   I sure wish I could learn to pack light!!   How many of you are like me......I always think I have to pack up my entire closet, for just a two or three night trip.  

I like to be comfortable and I certainly do not like to be stuck having just a few outfits to choose from.   Who of us ever know when we are going to feel bloated!!!!   LOL.   Anyways......I want to always be prepared for situations such as this.   COMFY is super important for me when it comes to being happy.

Comfy and COOL!   

Hope you all have enjoyed your day as much as I have....



carolann said...

I think every women is the same. And the men go much light. They never think like us. What If. My hubby used to say .I have more room if you want to throw in extra. I said WHAT. That is all your taking. I have like so many shoes, runners, jackets. He always laughs. Now the airplane has rules. You pay extra for the weight.

I always take so much. I come home with half the suitcase not even touched. Will I learn at 73. I better.

I go to my daughters on a weekend. And oh my.

My hubby now says. You can carry it upstairs yourself. Too heavy. He has a bad arm now and neck. Arthritis.

So I am going to have to go lighter. As I am the one who will be carrying the bags upstairs. Grand-kids are never home now to help.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have been longing to pack a bag for a getaway but it's so hot right now. I hope you have a fun trip. It's always so refreshing to go somewhere special! Sweet hugs, Diane

Christine said...

I've been trying to figure out how to pack light for years!
If you have any hints, please pass them on.

Michelle said...

I always pack a bit extra! Never know what might happen :)

Gail Dixon said...

We just got a Newk's in town and LOVE it!! Will have to try the BBQ pizza.

No, I cannot pack only a couple outfits. Between my mood changes and bloating, not a good idea. Ha!

Take good care of your skin while out tanning!!

Be safe and have fun.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I always pack too much. Hey, a girl has to have the right color shoes. So I pack the tan sandals, the black sandals, the white Skechers for a lot of walking, etc. BTW, have you tried Skecher's? For a comfy shoe, they can't be beat. I have to have comfort over style when I do a lot of around SDC in Branson. Speaking of Branson, I've been wanting to go but it's just too dang hot right now. Hope you're having fun wherever you are! Have a safe trip!

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