Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Digger

This piece of equipment has been around for about 46 or 47 years. 

 I can assure you that there is not another one like it.... ANYWHERE!

It was special made by Sam's dig Pecan trees!! As it travels down the rows of trees, it straddles the tree and pushes up the roots from behind.

 It is a:   Pecan Tree Digger!!

      This picture was taken in the Spring.

The trees are not dug until the Fall season (around Nov and Dec) and by then, most of them are 6ft tall.  

The machine digs about 60,000 plus Pecan trees each season!!  

The majority of Pecan trees are grown in buckets like the ones below. is an interesting piece of equipment!!

And there you have it!!

Stay warm y'all.....(I'm so cold today!!)

Shug ~


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, wow!!! How wonderfully creative for him to BUILD a piece of equipment to satisfy a need!! That's a LOT of pecan trees! Thank you for sharing about this, Shug! Have a wonderful day. blessings ~ tanna

Terri B said...

Goodness- I was stumped. I have seen something similar- that goes down row crops..but it is wider and doesn't have the digger. Neat!

Michelle said...

What a talented person her must have been to build this!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

That is really an amazing piece of equipment! Have a nice week, Shug!

Debbie said...

That makes perfect sense. When we lived in Dallas we had a mature pecan tree in our backyard and some years got a good crop off it. I don't even know if pecans grow in Central Illinois where I live now. Our neighbors have black walnuts and the squirrels love em'. I miss those Texas pecans.

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