Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, November 14, 2014

Be Still.....Until it's your time to dance...

Brrr...there's a chill in the air!

Chilly evenings and hot makes me happy!!

Borrowed photo.....

The obscurity of a single leaf....
it goes unnoticed but has so much to say!!

When the winds come against us and the storms are way too strong...  God says....look at Me...listen to My voice...BE STILL.....just as the leaf remains still on the tree.

God gives us the strength to hold on!!!!

Even when a leaf falls....there is still a dance to dance!    

The spectacular beauty of a leaf as it gently rides in the wind, is reminder to me, that the Spirit of God....gently guides me.

The wind itself, can not be seen...but yet it moves the leaf to and fro.   The Holy Spirit, I do not see....but I know when God is leading in a certain direction.   How Beautiful is the Holy Spirit of God!!!!!

WE....I must learn to be still, until it is my time to dance!

Blessings my sweet friends..

shug ~ 


Ruth Hiebert said...

Thank you for this post. God is leading,but I need to learn to follow.

Ginny said...

Your header is gorgeous, as is the single frosted leaf. A reason to be still: so we can hear what God wants us to do, which is maybe nothing like OUR plans!

Melinda said...

Very nice post..I have trouble with this myself. Don't know how to be still. It IS something I try very hard to do but...

Enjoy your cocoa.

M :)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

So very, very true. Shug, you were a lifeline back for me today!! Seeing you and your sweet Tristan reminded me of all the dear people I have come to know and love through blogging. Thank you!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Gail Dixon said...

This post is really moving. I am behind on blog reading/commenting and almost skipped it. I'm so glad the Spirit led me here. You have such a wonderful way of blessing others with your faith. Hugs sweet Shug!

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