Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Things I love.....

and, I honestly do love Thanksgiving.........

                       I know that I've said this before....but listen, what has happened to that once, beautiful day that we all call 


I get it......I really do.   The BOO pumpkins have gone away, and all of the scary stuff has been put away.....   No more gobblins, no more haunted houses, NO MORE HALLOWEEN..

But really.?.?.?    

Trista, Tori, and I were in town this morning, and I was in dis-belief to be hearing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"
being played throughout the store on this November 2nd.

Workers were busy....taking Fall items off of the shelves, only to be replacing them with all kinds of Christmas decorations. 

It's beginning to look as if I'm going to have to start going to visit my Canadian friends for Thanksgiving.   At least I could enjoy this special day, without having all the commercialism of Christmas being stuffed in my Turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it's the Turkey's fault......

Happy Weekend...



Ginny said...

I LOVE your corn header!!! How did it get so late so soon, November's here before it's June!!! Almost Christmas!!! NO shopping done, also TOO dark now! NOW to your list. Here are the ones I love too! Cozy sweaters, warm drinks, lots of cuddling, leaves changing colors!!!!

Gail Dixon (LaBelle) said...

I'm with you on stores putting out their Christmas stuff so early. Even Hobby Lobby began decorating in July. I lost a little bit of respect for them that day. I like to enjoy one holiday at a time.

Betsy Adams said...

Yes, unfortunately, we are gradually losing this wonderful day of Thanksgiving --by pushing Christmas TOO early. The commercials on TV are also featuring Christmas music already. GAG!!!! Let's enjoy the rest of Fall --and our tremendous Thanksgiving.


Pam said...

The corn looks great! I was in a store yesterday where there was Halloween stuff at one end of the aisle and they were filling the other end with Christmas things. I have to admit though, I bought a Christmas tree I liked last week, afraid that it wouldn't be there in another couple of weeks. :-)

Melinda said...

Yes, Thanksgiving does get lost.
Somewhere along the way it has lost
it's importance. Which is sad.
I guess whatever makes money is more

M :)

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