Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, November 2, 2012

Crossing Hurdles with Grace.

                                                                   Borrowed Photo.

Isn't this gorgeous?  Deer, seem to be so graceful when jumping hurdles.  They do it with ease.

I can still remember my early days of running track.   Standing on the track....looking at a set of hurdles worries, just anxious to give it my all while dashing toward the evenly placed sets of equipment.

Evidently, I was not very good in this particular event.  I don't recall receiving any 1st, 2nd, or even a 6th place ribbons for jumping the hurdles. 

At such a young age, who would connect the training of jumping hurdles, with life?  Not me!  However, in life we are constantly jumping all kinds of hurdles.  There are times when what we are up against is  nothing but a huge, solid wall....Then, there are times when we too, can gracefully jump the hurdle that is placed before us.

The good news is.....that as a Christian, God is there for us...HE is guiding us, directing our steps and giving us the strength to jump the highest of all hurdles.  HE is running right there beside us the encouragement that is needed to be a WINNER, to be VICTORIOUS.

I know that I can face the hurdles, I can jump these huge hurdles, and when looking at the big picture....I can see that I can do it all with Grace...."The Grace of my Heavenly Father."

Hey Friends.....Hoping that you all have a fabulous weekend....I'm hoping to make it to "First Monday" tomorrow....lots of goodies are for sale up there.   Whatever you do, have fun and don't forget to pray for our friends on the East Coast.....and for our Country!



Betsy Adams said...

Hi Shug, Hope you find lots of good surprises at First Monday... I'm sure you will.

Since I never ran hurdles --I can say that I am THRILLED that God helps me over those huge hurdles in our lives.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Dar said...

I give you the Highest Graceful Hurdler Award. You have been through so very much yet you always come out smiling. You are an inspiration for all of us. For that, I would like to thank you.
The feast of fall has passed but the scramble and feasting of the next couple months will give us more loops to jump through. For now, tho, I must pray we have enough love to sustain. Gifting is going to be tough this year.

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Great analogy, as usual. :) Will definitely be praying before and during the election for the direction of our country. Take care, sweet Shug!

Pam said...

Lots of inspiration here, Shug! Our great country needs all the prayers and help it can get come Tuesday! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

Grandma Bonnie said...

Thank you for the inspiration. I am very thankful for Gods help and guidance in the hurdles put before me. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Debbie said...

Gorgeous header, Shug, and a beautiful buck going over that fence. I ran track and played basketball. Back in the day, huh!
It hurts to think about it. :D
Timely comments. Hugs,

Michelle said...

Always wonderful inspiration when I pay you a visit! I hope you have a great weekend!

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