Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Need Extra Time? Let me tell You how to get it!

Does it seem as if TIME is passing you by?  Just not enough time to accomplish all the things you want to accomplish?  Not enough hours in the day?

I don't know about you, but I find myself looking for ways to add a few more hours in my day.....This is especially true when I love what I am doing.

Time kinda reminds me of a Ferris-Wheel spinning around and around.  Can't wait for the ride but when it comes time to get off, we find that we do not have the control button to stop this HUGE spinning machine.  Common sense tells us that it's too far down to jump, so our only Hope is that someone will hear us scream.

Our days are much like being on a Ferris Wheel.  Time is passing by so fast and we can't seem to reach the lever that controls the vicious spinning of all our must do's ....All we want to do is SCREAM!

The other day, I was sitting around and I was thinking about how fast the kids are growing.  Our oldest grandson will soon be 15.  This means that before long, It will be impossible for me to continue to be 49 years young.  {I'm pretty sure that people might become suspicious of my age, if I am only 34 years older than my grandson}

Anyways.....I had these funny thoughts cross through my mind....Here are some definite ways to slow down a day......

1.   Buy some new furniture.  They'll give you a delivery time somewhere between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.  At 1:30 you'll get a call to let you know the delivery truck is running an hour behind!   I can assure time will pass by so slow!  BTW....My furniture was finally delivered around 4:00 p.m.

2.  Set a date to un-tangle all your Christmas lights....(I know it's a long time until Christmas, but this will give you something to do on a day that you need extra time.....)

3.  Volunteer to sit with someone at the hospital...If they sleep all day, then consider it a fact that you'll have a longer day...   I'm talking about some slow time!

4.  Volunteer in the Complaint department of any business....This will make your day pass by really SLOW!

5.  Host a party for one of your friends who tells you she only needs to have one more party for the month to get her quota in.  Don't forget to invite several chatty women....and have lots of food....    You bet ....time will almost come to a halt (especially if your husband is waiting for the call that it's safe to come home)

6.  Go on an extended vacation with your in-laws!  (This was just a thought for some of you.  I have wonderful in-laws)

These are just a few of MY ideas to slow down the passing of time....There may be other ways, but I promise these six suggestions above will give you a LOT OF EXTRA TIME!

Shug Sez......

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope that each of you will take some extra time to Enjoy the Blessings of this day......


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

What is that old saying? Time waits for no one? My hubby and I have had discussions on this very topic, Shug. Both of us feel the passage of time going by too quickly. I really believe the parents and grandparents were right. That the older you get the faster time goes!

I'm going out today and enjoy some warmer temps and have lunch and do a bit of shopping. I'll be back in 30 minutes. ha ha It'll seem that way!! Have a good day! Hugs, Cheryl

marshas said...

Definetly need time to slow down - with Ipads and DVR it's consuming too much of my time!!

Loren said...

LOL great suggestions Shug :) Especially the one about volunteering in a complaint dept....OH MY, can you even imagine???

Hope you have a wonderful day that is stretched out as long as possible today! Love and Hugs

bj said...

hahhhaaaah,....Shug, you are such a hoot and I love ya to death.
The other day, I had an appt. at the doc.'s office and.....they forgot me. I sat in that waiting room and got so sleepy, I could have just died. Talk about s.l.o.w...Time just almost stood still. But, I didn't like it much. Not a dern thing in my purse to snack on and I needed to p and HATE going in a doctor's office bathroom..won't hardly do it.

I am cleaning my living room, the fireplace, changing things around cause there's a law somewhere that when you clean, you MUST rearrange things..I need a nap!!

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

What a fun post! I agree whole-heartedly, time goes by wayyyyyy tooooo fast! It seems like just yesterday, I was getting married and having babies, now, they're all grown up with babies of their own - and yes, I'm also 49 (hehehehe)!!

I love the one about having a party - I'm always the sucker that they call to have that last party to make their million! Then, I'm the one who ends up spending a million . . . so she can meet her quota!!

Have a wonderful night!!


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