Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This and That....

Good Morning Ya'll....Isn't the day after a Holiday just the sweetest thing ever?  And I know,   right now you all are thinking ..CRAZY LADY..

Well, let me see if I can amuse you in some way or another to fill your minds with the energy needed to start the week.    I'll share a little bit our Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday weekend with you!

To start with, Sam took a few days of vacation last week...Wasn't the best for him, because he was suffering from a very bad headache for two of those days...went to the doctor and they gave him a couple of trigger shots in his shoulder and neck.  I can honestly say that these shots have really worked.   I say yay...because it sure made the rest of the weekend good...

And I bet you are saying "What in the world is that?"  This is Mylee Jo with a new hair do!  Her mother wanted to see what she would look like with a little wave or maybe some curls in her hair.  She braided it the night before in several different braids, and these were the end results.  Oh, and yes this was the exact day that Sam had to be at the doctor's office EARLY.  I pulled it up and twisted it into a half-way bun and stuck a bow in it.  Out the door we went and she was Soooo Cute! 

We made plans to stop by some furniture stores after his appointment.  Are you ready for this??..I sold my RED

I loved this Red sectional, but was ready for something new.  Needless to say, I was not able to find anything this past Friday, even with all the big "Labor Day Sales"
Mylee really wasn't in the mood to shop for furniture and neither was I.

First Monday.....

This is where I wanted to be last Friday....For those of you that have never been to First Monday Trade Day's in Canton Texas, you are MISSING OUT..  There is so much to see and no possible way to see it all in one day...Maybe not two days.  You can find junk, old stuff, new stuff, pearls, bling, furniture, food, and ANYTHING you want to find.  I love it!!  It's a must..If you live out of state, then catch a plane next month and come see what it's all about...(Oh wait, it would cost you way too much in extra luggage to haul back all that you would want to buy)  Bring a U-haul truck.


Yes, I took a picture of an escalator.  An escalator that is not moving.  Seems the Mall (My favorite Mall) has decided to shut some of the escalator's off.  That means walk up the thing and walk down the thing.....They must have not realized that I had already done my exercises for the week.
If you will notice, no one was taking the escalator.  Sam and I spent a few hours at the mall in Frisco and made several mental notes for my Christmas list.

The Cheesecake Factory...

One of my favorite restaurants.  Can you believe that we did not even have a piece of cheesecake.  Sam and I split the Orange Chicken, (which is the best) but there was no room left in our tummies for CHEESECAKE.  What's wrong with us?  We should have ordered the cheesecake first!

HOTEL and POOL.....

Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that everyone will be staying home on Labor Day except you...This is NOT true.  Sam planned this nice GET-AWAY weekend for the two of us and we both were so excited about spending a couple of days just lounging by the pool. 

Oops....who let the dogs out?  Everyone and their dogs were there.  No kidding, the pool looked like someone at an ant farm had just yelled PICNIC!  Kids were everywhere.  People were everywhere and the water was freezing.  Can you believe that? 

Great bet!

I know this all sounds so chaotic, but it really wasn't....
Sam and I had a GREAT time with each other.  We enjoyed a cute little (out of the ordinary) hamburger joint.  Their bread pudding was super Yummy...We took in two movies and munched on popcorn, shopped, went riding with the top down on my cute little bug, ate dinner outdoors and enjoyed the awesome weather,  looked at the stars as we lounged out at the pool late at night, and most of all, we totally enjoyed spending time together....

I would say that this was a fabulous weekend!


Spend time with the one you love....It makes life great!!


marshas said...

I'm jealous! Sounds like my kind of weekend - just relaxing and enjoying eating out and movies. Glad ya'll had fun! (Can't believe you got rid of the sectional)

hljourney said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I'd love to be able to check out First Monday Trade Day's; looks like it's filled with great finds - but, I'm toooooo far away. Just love your sharing!
Hugs, HL
(Coming over from

gbearden125 said...

OMG! Hope u remembered your birth control pills this weekend....glad you all had a good time.

Holly said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Mmmm...Cheesecake Factory!

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