Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, April 12, 2010

FLOWERS AND HOURS..............

Good Monday morning to everyone!  I hope your weekend was as beautiful as mine.  Saturday was a very busy day...Cleaned out our indoor storage room that was really in need of a good cleaning.  (glad that is over).  Later in the afternoon we went to Harris Nursery (love that place) and picked up flowers for my flower beds.  We then stopped by Cracker Barrel for a light dinner.  What a surprise, we ran into some good friends that we have not seen in a while.  They now live in Arkansas and Pastor a church there.  Great to see them!

I love all kinds of flowers and it excites me every year when it is time to fill my flower beds.  We picked up a couple of new pots and now I just have to arrange all the different plants in them.  I thought that my grandsons would help me get it all planted yesterday afternoon, but NOPE, that was not in their plans.  Two of them had baseball tournaments going on, Tucker went to Dallas to meet a group of the kids from the hospital..They were drawing and painting some art projects for the hospital to auction off.  And Tyler wanted to watch the other two play ball....That now leaves all the planting to me!!  (I am sure Mylee Jo will be right there helping me)
Picked up some DUSTY MILLER (can never go wrong with that)  and also the regular potato vine.  The purple is ACE OF SPADES,  a simple sweet potato vine.  Also got some IMPERIAL BLUE, PLUMBAGO AURICULATA.  This flowering plant attracts butterflies.  Of course, I needed something to attract the hummingbirds.  I picked out a BATFACE CUPHEA.  Going to plant some MEXICAN HEATHER, and some red GERANIUMS.

Haven't even planned the flowers for the back yard yet.  The bushes in the back are growing so fast.
It is going to take hours to get them cut back..  The red tips are beautiful right now and I totally enjoy them as I sit and rock on the back porch.

Can't wait to post a picture of the new RED BUD tree that Sam planted for me.  It is very unusual...Never seen one like it before.  It weeps and kinda has a spiral to it....

I would encourage everyone to plant some beautiful plants in your yard this year.  Makes me feel good when I pull into my driveway and see how colorful the yard is.   We always enjoy the backyard too...
So nice when Sam fry's fish or when he cooks on the grill.   The surroundings of all the banana trees, the caladiums and the beautiful flowers and plants, makes it a pleasant place to relax and enjoy each other.   

Hope you all have a SUPER BLESSED DAY!!

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Tomye said...

So good to see you and Sam at Cracker Barrel. We were there with good friends from Mount Vernon who have just moved to Lindale. If yall ever come to Arkansas would love to see you... we live about 25 miles from Hot Springs.. see my facebook pics to see our home! Love to read your thoughts. Tomye

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