Sunday, June 26, 2022

 Sunflowers are flowers that can brighten ANY day!!

They bring such a sunny attitude and they make me think Positive thoughts!!!

I guess you could say that they truly spread "Seeds" of happiness!!  Sunflower seeds are so good and they are actually good for you.  

Nothing like having a bag of sunflower seeds while you are sitting outside at a baseball game.  It might not be very "Lady Like"  eating them ... sure is fun and super tasty!

The Pecan Nursery has, like a cover crop in the Summer (on the Hill Yard) of Sunflowers and I keep saying I'm going to get smack dab in the middle of them and have a picture made.  Just haven't done it yet!!

I attended a funeral a few months ago for a sweet, precious young lady.  She loved sunflowers, and if a funeral can be gorgeous, hers certainly was.  So many Bright Sunflowers and that is exactly how she would have wanted it.  

Did you know that Sunflowers are native to America? 
In my reading about them, I found out that the Sunflower's botanical name is Helianthus annuus.....which is Greek; "Helios" means sun and "anthos" means flower.  

I also learned that sunflowers track the Sun.  They are heliotropic......meaning they make optimum use of light by moving with the sun.

There, you have it.  A gorgeous flower that is very smart.

Hope you all have a sunny Day.

Shug.  🌻


  1. What a cheerfulpost. My favorite is your first photo of the sunflower halfway looks like it is winking at us!

  2. Hi Shug! I love Sunflowers too, they are happy flowers! Who knew that they originated in America?! So good to see you here, hope to see you very soon! Hopefully in a photo with your family in the middle of a Sunflower patch! Hugs, Barb

  3. I am a sunflower lover, too. They just make me happy looking at them.

  4. I've had a lovely bouquet of flowers with sunflowers this last weekend from one of my step daughter's..they are beautiful. Thank you for the stories about them.


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