Tuesday, May 3, 2022

 Isn't she lovely?  I gave a broken piece from my cactus to Trista in order for her to start one for herself.  

Here is my OLD cactus!  I have had this thing for several years.  Just recently, three of the big sections fell off and I just kinda planted them at the base of the plant.

They had already begun to take root and I was so excited to be able to grow this cactus bigger. 

However....I went out to look at it one morning and every one of the broken ones were missing!!!
What could have happened to them??

It is still a mystery!  

They were too heavy for a bird or squirrel to haul off, and the puzzling thing is........ There was no sign of them being eaten on or nothing.  It is as if they just disappeared.

Look at these two cute babies.  



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