Wednesday, January 12, 2022

 Is it Winter yet?   Last year at this time, we had SNOW and then came the big FREEZE!!  I am definitely complaining and I do hope we never have a freeze like that again.......BUT, being that it is Winter, I would kinda like to have a few snowflakes falling.

The snow last year was really nice and so fun to not only look at, but to do a little playing outside.  

With TEXAS weather, you never know what you're gonna get when it comes to the weather.  Today, the sun is shining and the temps are suppose to reach into the 70's.

Around here, you can be ready for the pool one day and the very next day, you will find yourself pulling out the mittens, coats, and toboggan's.  


Shout out to my dear friend Marsha.... she brought over a super delicious cake this past week.  Nothing better than the taste of pears, cream cheese, cinnamon, and a praline topping!!! 💓💓


                     Apple or Pear - Cream Cheese

                                  Bundt Cake

The sound I am hearing right now is enough to drive a person crazy........BUT, I am so glad to have progress being made on my Kitchen.   The noise I am hearing is a constant sawing sound.  The electrician is having to cut out pieces of my Bead Board wall in order to add more wiring for the New Double ovens and gas range.  I will be so happy when this is a finished project.  

Of course...there is a delay in getting the ovens, so who may be March before the kitchen is finished.  

What else?  Hmmmm..... I desperately need to go in there and do a deep clean in my closet.  Argh!!  Seems like I need to do this on a regular basis.  How do 2 people get things so out of order??    May just do a Closet purge while I'm at it...

Trey sees the Plastic surgeon this afternoon to find out if grafts are needed for his leg.  Keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't have to have this procedure done.  Friday is a MRI and next week, the Back Doctor will let us know if surgery is going to be required on his back.   Continued prayers please.   

I'll leave you with this:

"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful."

                                               Annette Funicello

Enjoy a Beautiful day.

Shug. 💛

Sunday, January 2, 2022

 Happy Sunday....   

Here in Texas, we are finally having some Cool weather.  All of this past week, we were reaching record highs in the upper 80's.......this morning, our temps started out in the upper 20's!   Winter closet, Summer closet.....they're all the same.  

On any given day, we may have to go from having on sweat pants and a heavy coat, to changing in to shorts and flip flops!  CRAZY!


The New Year always brings motivation for me.  Motivation to get my house organized, to get rid of things that have no place, to get started on my end of the year bookkeeping, and to set new goals for the year ahead.  The calendar shows Jan. 2, but I have already found myself digging into some of these things.

I've already made a trip to "Hangers of Hope" to drop off items that I personally have no use for.  Like they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

All of my Christmas decor has been put away for another year, and my house is pretty organized.  Well....other than the kitchen!!  I'm having a few things done in the kitchen (some new cabinets built, a new gas range, and some double ovens put in).......right now, the cabinets have been emptied and the dishes are being stored in containers out in the garage.  Hoping to be finished with this project within a month...keeping my fingers crossed.  

My goals are to try to compliment others each day,  be more involved with bible studies, and to be conscientious in my own daily living. 

Each day is rich with many gifts, I hope that I can relax more and soak up all these good gifts that come from our Father in Heaven.  

Hope you all have a GREAT week, filled with positive thoughts. 


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