Sunday, February 28, 2021

 Happy Sunday morning dear friends.....

I would LOVE for the 🌞 to be shining today, but we have cloudy skies and rain today!  This is perfectly OK because God sends us HIS most beautiful days....EVERYDAY!

I hope that today.....your heart will be filled with the Holy Spirit ..... and that you will feel the very breath of God as it falls upon you!!    

Each day brings new life, and with it, we can choose to see good or bad!  Although there are many challenges right now, I know that my Lord and Savior is in control and it is a huge Blessing to know that HE loves me, HE watches over me, HE provides for me and HE will never fail me.   Praise the Lord!!!!!

May God's Blessings bring exceeding happiness to you today!!



Sunday, February 14, 2021

 Happy Valentines Day........    A Beautiful day for LOVE!


It's beginning to sleet around here!!  Sam and I are cooking a Valentines lunch for the two of us....On the menu:  Steak, Baked potatoes and green beans!  

Nothing like enjoying a good meal and a cozy day for the big 💗 day!

       A few Early Pictures before the SNOW!!!!!

My poor plants.....

Hoping that we do get some snow so that the plants will be slightly insulated...

Don't think I'll try walking on this sidewalk today....

Pool water is actually 42 degrees, which is much warmer than our 25 degree temps outside.   Think I'll pass on a swim today!!  Lol.

My pansies have been so pretty this year and I can only hope that they come back just as beautiful...

Had to bring my Texas Cactus in the house too!!   It has grown so much and I sure didn't want it to freeze and die....

Everyone stay WARM....

My blogging Friends make life so much sweeter!  I'm not a big lover of I'll gladly take my blogging friendships over any piece of chocolate candy!!  You all are so much more wonderful.......

Hugs to you all....


Friday, February 12, 2021

Looks like a Greenhouse inside our HOME!   


Believe me, I'm not complaining, because I know that so many of you deal with these kind of temperatures all winter long.....But, just look at our Temps for the next week... ↓

This is totally not normal for TEXAS!!!!  Y'all, we were in 70's just last week and here we are today at 29 degrees.  See those circled lows of 4,2 and 15....This is extremely low for our area and we are not prepared for these kind of lows.  

We have lemon trees, grapefruit trees, orange trees, elephant ears and more....spread out through the house.  Guess it will be this way until maybe next weekend.   It could easily be in the 70's again by that time.  

Sam's big lemon tree is loaded with lemons and for this reason, we had to do something in order to keep the fruit from freezing ...OR THE TREE ITSELF!!

Many of the electric lines in our area run through wooded areas, so I am sure praying that with the amount of ice and snow that is in the forecast, we will not have power outages!!!

Everyone stay WARM.  Looks like this winter storm will moving through the Tennessee valley area and further up North.  

Electric Blankets ✓

Hot Coffee ✓

Groceries to cook warm comfort foods ✓

Gloves, Warm Clothes, Boots, Coat ✓

Heat in the Fireplace ✓

Pipes all wrapped ✓

Bird food out ✓

Water ✓

TV, Books, Computer, Bible ✓

I think we are good.......   Pray that we don't lose Power!!


Friday, February 5, 2021

 Beautiful East Texas Sunrise!!

"Every day, a million miracles begin at sunrise!"

                                            Eric Jerome Dickey

Happy Friday!


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