Sunday, November 19, 2017

I know that we are in the month of November.....I know that
Thanksgiving is still a few days away.....I really do!

I still have pumpkins on my front porch, and I still have Autumn decorations in our home!  You know, all the orange, red, brown and green decor!

I also have a lit tree in our living room!

It's not decorated yet....only lights!

That's a Fall Wreath on my front door and Fall flowers in the vase on the cabinet....   Fall flowers next to a Christmas tree!!
Crazy isn't it??

It might take me a few more days to get the tree decorated....but that's ok.

Wow......check it out!!  I decorated the tree.   The truth is, I started writing this post a week ago and had to save it in a draft. I'm back to finish this post and my tree
is now decorated.  

I actually have a couple more trees to do...but at least this one will be done at Thanksgiving.   One of the reason's I wanted the tree to be up, is because Tyler is coming home for Thanksgiving ....but he will not get to be home for Christmas!

:(  :(  :(  :(   makes me sad....but it is what it is and I'm thankful to get to spend Thanksgiving with him.

I love making sweets at Thanksgiving and Christmas...
Coconut pie, Chocolate pie, Pecan cobbler, German Chocolate Cake, Pumpkin roll, and more...

BUT....guess what it is that my kiddos want?

Dirt Cake!!!!

Same dessert every single time.......They are not interested in any of the desserts that I want to make....only Dirt Cake...
and I don't really like it!!

I have much to do.....but I did want to wish you
all a 
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Blessings and hugs!


Friday, November 3, 2017

I had several people ask if I made the pies in my header picture.    

I did!   I love making pies!  Coconut, Chocolate, Pecan..
Oh my goodness!  Yum! yum!


My wish list is a mile long right now!!  Not so much for material items....Just crazy little things that I want.  One big thing on my list is a change in our weather!!!   Oh my goodness, who has ever heard of 90 degree temps in November?   

For all my Up-North friends....Please push some COLD air down to East Texas.  Send Snow....send a Blizzard....and please send the refreshing smell of the evergreens my way.

Sounds like I need to take a Winter trip....for a FEW MONTHS!!

I also Wish I could lose this datum weight!!!!!  But, you know what they say:

"No one can do it for have to do it yourself!"

And....I love this one too...

Lets see....another wish I have is:

For the pilgrims to come to East Texas and cook my 
Thanksgiving meal!!!

Wow, I'm sounding real unmotivated here, aren't I?

I love everyone being at the house, I really do......and you all know that I love to cook.....So where did that wish come from anyways?

I'll share this one other wish with you.......those that know me very well,  are not going to believe this one, but I Wish that the elf's would come decorate my Christmas tree for me!  I want it to be up by Thanksgiving, since Tyler will be here and, he won't be coming back home for Christmas....But, I'm feeling too lazy to dig that big ol' thing out, in hopes that all the lights work!!!!

The Pilgram's are gone, there are No Elf's and the "Skinny Fairy" seems to have I'm guessing that I need to get motivated and take care of details!

I love y'all...


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Can you believe it's November?  I'm telling you, the days are passing by fast.  

I have a good feeling about it being November....I received some great news last night...!!!!!!!  The eve before the first day of November.

Our Airman is coming home for Thanksgiving!!!   

This news was totally unexpected.   We were not expecting to see him until next July or even some time later, but things worked out in our favor for him to be able to come home for a few short days at Thanksgiving. Thankful I am!!   

This means that my Christmas tree needs to go up a little earlier this year!  I can do it!!  I have three weeks to get everything planned and decorated.  No problem at all, as I love decorating.  The good thing is:  I already have most of my Christmas shopping all done!  Whoop!!

I am truly thankful that God opened this door.   We have much to celebrate.  

Hugs to all.

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