Sunday, May 21, 2017

It's a rainy day and as I look outside my bedroom window, the thing that catches my eye is the bright green from my favorite tree.  Rain water is pouring off of the house.

I also love the sound of thunder and boy has it been doing a lot of that.   My back is out this morning, so I'm in bed....alternating ice and heat on my back.  If I have to be in bed, I prefer a nice rainy day with the sound of rolling thunder.

We were getting ready to have the house repainted and the painter was ready to begin this week.   BUT....a couple of weeks ago, we had a bad hail storm come through and now we are having to get a new roof.  The paint will have to wait until the roof is finished.  

It doesn't normally hail here, so this was a BIG surprise.....

Ooops... electricity just went out!  Oh well... guess its a good day to 
stay in bed and rest my back.


Friday, May 19, 2017

At the end of your day....what kind of picture will be painted on your life canvass?  I ask myself this question almost every day.
The reason that I do so, is to keep myself in check with how I
want things to go in my day.   What kind of attitude will I have on that day?

I start out with the full intention of painting a gorgeous picture
of a day filled with goodness, and filled with deep, rich colors.  There are some days when my canvass in almost blank.  Other days, my canvass might be filled with shining glitter!!

 COLOR  is important in my everyday life.  I want to have as many colors as I can have throughout my day.  I would be wrong if 
I said that I never use the color of grey.  It is used on those days when I allow self pity to somehow take over my thoughts.  The great thing about this is that I know that I can paint a new canvass the next day.   I can cover that grey with White and start all over again. 

The best motivation for me is in reading my Bible and STUDYING Gods' word.   Another good motivation is for me to find at least one thing good about everything.  Who am I kidding....this second motivation is HARD!  How do we find something good in everything?  WE TRY!!  We try and if we try hard enough, it becomes a habit of finding something good in everything and everybody.  I think it's called Loving life and loving people!

Paint your heart......Paint it pretty!

Hugs ya'll

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