Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, April 9, 2017

I love to pour out my heart.....There are just so many things about life that I absolutely LOVE!  So very much to be thankful for.   

First of all, I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband!  He is simply the BEST.  Sam has such a loving heart and he is such a good man.   He loves me with all of his being!  He even spoils me...wink wink!!

I could fill a hundred pages and even more about the goodness of this fabulous Christian man that I am married to.  

We have such a precious, loving family as well.  If I didn't have anything else in the world but these Blessings, then my life would still be full of goodness and be complete.         

Smiles and laughs are a part of my every day!  Is it because I have no problems?   NO...far from it!  My life is just like any other...I have up and down days.  I have issues that come up...I have disagreements with others....Shoot, I have days when nothing goes well at all.   But, no matter what happens in my day...someone always delivers a special smile and it changes the entire outlook of any kind of bad day.

Most of us.....myself included....we usually post things on FB, Instagram, and even on our Blog about the good and the glamorous  things that happen to us.   As a reader myself...I sometimes view other peoples lives as being perfect.   No shadows are cast...only pure joy, contentment and sunshine.  Rich lifestyles so to speak.

This kind of perfection blinds us from what is really happening all around us.   We fail to recognize that many of our friends are really lonely and sometimes sad.   .....many of us are so busy and we are always working so hard to try to convince everyone that our lives are so full of adventure.  Don't get me wrong.... I'm not saying that when we have difficult days, that we should post that either.   NO one wants to constantly read about depressing thoughts and days.

However....I do believe that we sometimes paint a picture where we attempt to make others jealous.    We humans are built that way I suppose.   :(    :(     :(

I can post all of the pictures that I want to post that depicts a life of pure goodness.....but the truth is, a whole lot of "life" happens between all of my cool pictures, words and videos.  

I do have FB friends who only post with a PURPOSE!  what does this mean?  It means that they are not interested in their friend's cute pictures of grand babies.....and they could care less if so-in-so's child was accepted into a Division 1 college.   They certainly are not interested in finding out that I just bought my grandson a new pair of "Willie Nelson" socks.

These FB friends are strictly there to let others know where they stand on politics, community affairs, or perhaps gain a step ahead in their business deals.

All in all.....I would say that most of us are very selective when it comes to what we post.   It's our own gain that we are looking after. 

Next time you look at your social so with the attitude of      "I refuse to allow myself to be tortured by the wondering of why my life does not compare to the perfect looking life of my friends!"

As a bonus I will add this..............there are dozens of Apps out there that will give you a fabulous looking tan....or can reshape your face and body to make you look like a model.    Some people (not me because I'm not that tech savvy) know how to use these Apps to their advantage!    I suppose I need to work on expanding my wisdom to know how to use these Apps!!   LOL.

These are just some of my thoughts for the day....did you pay attention to my first couple of paragraphs?    My life looks great and it shows that I am truly loved.   I can easily see where someone who might be lonely, would read this in a way to where it comes across as if everything in my life is perfect.    Wrong again!  I am Blessed.....but aren't we All..



Betsy Adams said...

Excellent post, Shug.... This Social Media stuff certainly is interesting... Some people NEVER show their faces or where they live or anything personal at all... I'm never sure why they do that... Some are so afraid that someone else may get that info... Others just love to talk ---even if we don't really know them... Others sometimes just disappear which shocks me since I "thought" they were my friend.

I've been blogging since 2006 ---and found out quickly who would become a really special friend and who would just be an 'acquaintance'.... There are some blogs which I ALWAYS check out.... I enjoy blogs with the same interests as I have (gardening, birding, traveling, hiking, photography, etc.)---but I also have special friends who are just good writers and always have something interesting to say...

Facebook is another 'baby' completely... I love it ---but I don't care for posts that say silly things like "I had cereal for breakfast this morning".... AND--there's a lot of that on FB. There's also a lot of sharing of all kinds of videos/pictures/quotes, etc.--some good and some not so good... The good news is that we can pass right on by those posts which we are not interested in.

Blogging is harder for me since I don't always have time to re-visit people who visit my blog... I TRY ---but it's very time-consuming... Then I feel guilty...

I try to stay positive most of the time --but like you, I am human --and there are many 'not so great' days for all kinds of reasons... I do share some of the 'not so great' times (such as when I was so sick recently) --and do appreciate people's love, concern and prayers...

I am blessed to know you and to have met you and Sam, and to call you a very special friend... THANKS.


Ruth Hiebert said...

Great post. I know that we all have days that are just not good, I certainly have them.I also have many wonderful days, even though the love of my life is no longer at my side.God is still good and He gives daily strength for what needs to be done.I look at you and your hubby and other couples like this and I just pray that you will cherish every minute that you can spend together.Thanks for being honest and open.

Michelle said...

Yes, we are all so blessed! Great post, Shug! Wishing you a blessed week and Easter.

Terra Hangen said...

You are right Shug, we all have sunny days and stormy days. On FB and blogs I see a balance in posts, some share joy, some share pain. I myself do both. So no way does my reading social media make me envious of others, because so many are desperately asking for prayer. When my dear husband of 45 years died in November I felt I had to share that and have received lots of prayer support and kind wishes. I always enjoy visiting your blog and finding out what you are up to.

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