Sunday, January 10, 2016

What I saw, Blessed me!!!!!

Hey there sweet friends.....

It truly is a gorgeous day here in East Texas.   It might be a little cool for some of you, but for me.....The temps are Perfect!   I love seeing this gorgeous sunshine!

My sinuses are H u R T i N g.... :(    But other than that......

It's a wonderful day!!

This morning in church, my heart was truly Blessed!  As I sat there, listening to the word being shared with each of us, I looked down and this is what I saw!!

Some of you might ask....What is it?   This... my friends was Mylee Jo's  study paper from her Sunday School Class.   

We all know that at the beginning of each new school year, kids get NEW teachers!!  Right?  Right!  And, like me, I know that you all pray for your grandchildren to get a teacher that loves the Lord and Loves children!  We want our kids to experience the best year possible!!

It's not the beginning of a new school year.....It's the second week of the Spring Semester for our school kids, and Mylee's 2nd grade class is getting a new teacher!  

This can be a difficult change for some children!   Mylee is one of those kids that likes things to be in order and she just does not like chaos around her.   The change of having had several different subs in her classroom has been quite a challenge for this 7 year old.  

With all of this being said.....I understand the importance of  needing God's help in taking care of this problem.  This is a BIG deal for her and I so appreciate that she knows that God can help her!     

I believe that the prayers of small children are Powerful....

God knows how her little heart is feeling and HE knows how to give her comfort.   

I am so thankful that Mylee's parents are Christians and that they know how important it is to have their children in Sunday School and Church.   

Please pray with me that Mylee's new teacher will be a compassionate and loving teacher.   I also pray that this new teacher will be led of God, as she comes into this classroom each and every day.   

Yes....God helps us solve problems.....we only need to have childlike Faith and believe that the smallest of prayers does not go unheard.   God hears Every prayer!!




  1. Poor little Mylee... Getting new teachers is hard especially in the middle of the year. I hope she gets a REALLY good one...


  2. It is very special to see Mylee bringing this to God and trusting Him ti help her.

  3. It is so good the Mylee's parents are teaching her to take her problems to God - the ultimate problem solver for all of us. Thank you for this timely post!

  4. I am so proud of this little special child. She has complete belief that if she prays and asks God to help, he will make things better. I'm also excited to meet her new teacher because I know God has chosen the perfect one to fill this position.

  5. HI Shug~

    What a sweet note, and how blessed she is to know that, God, hears and answers prayers, and like you said, children are very special!! I will pray that she gets a good teacher that loves God, as much as Mylee does. She has been taught well...big hugs to Mylee, and you!


  6. It is just beautiful that you and Mylee's parents are guiding her to put her trust in God. Thank you for this beautiful sharing.

  7. That is definitely stressful with having new teachers. Our grandson is going through that now with his preschool and I feel for kids who have to deal with it. Here's wishing your granddaughter has the best teacher, one that is perfect for her!


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