Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hearing and Believing.

God is truly awesome!!

I love to go to the farm and ride around on the gator with Sam.....and this is exactly what we did over the weekend.   We got to the farm around 3:30 on Saturday afternoon, with the intention of riding and just checking on all the fields.   

However.....we found ourselves distracted by a huge "Buck" that was crossing one of the fields in front of us.   Sam hurriedly got his gun.....but the rifle jammed and the deer was gone before he could get it unjammed!!   Shoot.....as in shoot, he missed!!!

We then decided to ride over to check the corn in the deer feeder, located in the far back field.   Just before getting there, Sam decided to get off of the gator and walk around the woods, to the feeder.

I stayed on the gator.....and started playing "Words" on my phone.   I suddenly hear a loud shot and as I look up, Sam is waving for me to drive up to where he was located.    Sure enough.....he had killed a "spike" deer!!   YEA!!   Deer meat for the freezer!!

God is so good!!

The next day.....we go back out to the farm.....just to ride around.  Before I know it, we are tracking another deer.   Yes, another big buck.....but not the same as the first one we saw the day before.   Suddenly.....the thing steps out in the clearing.....but it was too far away.    No Deer that day.

We get back to the truck just as the sun was going down.....only to find that we had a flat.   Not a flat on the gator.....a flat on the truck that we needed to get home in.    Needless to say.....it took a while to get the flat changed, due to the ground being so uneven.   Sam had to do a lot of moving around (on the ground) in order to make sure that the jack did not move and fall,  in the lose soil where the truck was parked.    BTW...I was so cold as I stood out there and tried to be a big HELP to him.

 I was so ready to get back in the truck and get home!!   We make it  home and Sam realizes that he had lost his hearing aid!  Yep....he has to have one to be able to hear out of his left ear.   Oh my......this is huge, because these things are not cheap!

We decided to go back out to the farm to look for it, but after discussing the matter for a few moments, we decided to wait until  the next afternoon.    Sure enough....we make our way to the farm on Monday evening, with Sam telling me the entire way out there, that we would  Never be able to find the thing!

I assured him that I could find the thing.   As we step out of the truck, I look down.....only to see that the ground is covered with tiny small leaves that were the same color as his hearing aid.   I walk over to the spot were he had changed the flat and I remember saying......"Dear Lord, this is important.  Please give me the vision to find this hearing aid."  

Within ONE MINUTE.....I had found the thing!  AMAZING!!  No scratches, No moisture, Nothing....the thing worked perfectly!!

I need to say again, that God is Awesome!!!  We (Sam and I) are both so very thankful for the favor of God!   

I have been so excited to share this with all of you!!



  1. WOW!!! This is an exciting post.First the deer hunt,I grew up in a hunting family so it thrills me to read about this,then to find that hearing aid so quickly.All i can say is,'that's just like our God to do this'.

  2. God is awesome! God is faithful! Thank you for your encouraging sharing. God is EMMANUEL!

  3. I love the story of your husband's hearing aid.
    Gave me chills!

  4. I grew up eating Deer Meat because my dad/brothers hunted (never me) and I know it's a good thing when people use the meat they kill. Still it saddens me when such a beautiful creature is gone.
    So very happy that you found the hearing aid.

  5. That is amazing. The Holy Spirit guides us. He knew where it was all along.

  6. Excited you got deer meat for the freezer...
    we haven't had any deer in a while. Though we still have a little bit of Elk, that was given to us. It is God's provision for sure.
    The hearing aid... Wow! God hears us when we pray! And he speaks to us...if we just listen (with our hearts...and not always with our ears!)
    great powerful testimony!
    thanks for sharing it Shug
    ...and happy new year to y'all!

  7. I'm so glad to hear that you found the hearing aid! And getting some meat for the freezer is a good thing. My daughter's fella has been deer hunting and makes the best deer jerky from his deer. Yum!

  8. Glad you found that precious hearing aid. lol

  9. Hi Shug~

    First of all, I love the fences! But even more, I love the chairs on the porch, very sweet!

    You have had some exciting times! I love deer meat in my freezer as well. How many are you allowed to shoot, and can you shoot them year-round? If so, that is awesome, we can only shoot deer in the fall . . .:0(

    Prayers go up blessings come down! Thank goodness you were okay . . . and found the hearing aid! My mother lost both of hers a few years ago, and you are so right, they are so expensive!

    Have a wonderful . . . safe weekend!



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