Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Scavenger Hunt

More about Christmas......   

As most of you know, our oldest grandson (Tyler) will soon be turning 20!!  Oh my....this is hard to believe.....but anyways, I wanted to try to make some of our Christmas games a tad bit more challenging.  The reason why?  Because Tyler is in college, not married....(thank goodness) AND he still needs to be able to participate in the kids Christmas games!!  Right?  Right!!!!

All the grands love scavenger hunts and I usually always do one at Christmas.  You know, simple hunts just around the house and sometimes they kids have to adventure out to the back yard.

This year.....I raised the bar!  First thing:  I selected 6 different wrapping papers and I wrapped each of the their gifts in the paper that I selected for each one.   No names....No gift tags....which kept them a bit confused.  

In order for them to find the sample tags for their gifts....they had to go on a hunt.   It started in our backyard, where they had to find a green ribbon with a jar attached.   This gave them their next clue.

I gave them several things in town that they had to take photos of.....and a few things to do..... where they had to actually be in the pictures.  

After finding the blowup Santa, sleigh and reindeer, grinch, find a Christmas tree on the corner of **** and ***** streets...........find a blowup slide with minons on it....... etc, etc, etc.....   They then had to go to the park and take a picture of all of them on the slide.....they had to go into a local business and take a photo with one of the employees and this same employee would give them there next clue.  

The next clue was to go to the Nursery and in the middle of a HUGE pile of sawdust.....find a red flag....where the next clue would be buried under the flag. 

The last clue read:   "Down a long dark road and up a slight hill.....everything is quite and still."     This led them to the city cemetery and to my moms tombstone.    There, in a jar......were 
the samples of Christmas paper....with their names on the paper that matched their gifts!!!

Of course......I wanted to make sure that they were all safe, so I sent Trista and Shanda along with them to drive and to make sure that all were safe.    

This was a lot of fun for each of them......Oldest to the youngest!

I would love to have posted the pictures....and as soon as I get them, I will do so!!

More to come about all the fun we had!

See ya tomorrow!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hey there.......Is there anyone out there?  I feel as if I'm starting all over again with this Blogging adventure!...

Would you believe that tonight is the first time that I've opened my computer in about a month?  I suppose I've been on a blogging sabbatical. LOL.   The truth is....I've been pre-occupied by the "season" and with life in general.   I think it's ok though....when we find ourselves enjoying the time spent with much family and friends.   

I can't even believe it myself.....but I even tried my hand at making Divinity!!!  Yes, that white fluffy....delicious tasting....pecan filled...pile of sugar.  Much to my amazement, it turned out PERFECT!!!

Christmas at our home was truly wonderful.   Our Christmas Eve, began with our oldest grandson....reading the Bible and then we followed in a discussion about the Christmas story.... and sharing a bit about a Christmas event that was special to us.   

A truly special time! Our family is Blessed....  

Later....I want to share about the fun we had and the games we played.  I always enjoy finding new games for the Holidays.  

OK....enough said for this evening.  Hope my friends are still out there and that they will stop by for a visit...


Thursday, December 10, 2015


Hard to believe.....but the temps here in East Texas are suppose to reach the upper 70's today!  Guess I'm going to have to pull out the Summer clothes!!

I'm making some headway.......Yay!!!  Packages are all wrapped and half of my decorations are up.......Should I even bother putting out the rest of my Christmas decor?  Hmmmmm.....I'm pretty close to taking the rest of it back out to the storage.   I'm happy with how our home looks now.

In the Summer months.....happiness is having a yard full of big ol' trees.   Today...everyone of those beautiful leaves are now covering my yard!  Yikes.....quite a job ahead of us.   

How about the rest of you?  Are you enjoying all of the hustle and bustle of the Season?  Is your kitchen filled with the fresh aroma of baked goods?  Are you spreading love and cheer everywhere you go?!

I'm thankful for every opportunity that I have to spread God's word.  I'm thankful for every opportunity to show love and kindness to others each day.   



Monday, December 7, 2015

I'm Still Here....

When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.....    Helen Keller

Hey Y' it really December?  My surroundings are telling me that it is.  I absolutely love the month of December.....because it is truly the season of HOPE, of LOVE, and of GOODWILL.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself so busy during this time of the year and if I'm not careful, all other things in my life go by the wayside.....Like BLOGGING!

Honestly, this morning is the first time I've checked my Blog....since Thanksgiving!    

Our Thanksgiving was a Blessing and the days since have been just as great...just SUPER BUSY.

I know that this is a quick post this morning, but I just wanted to let all my friends know that I'm still here.

Hope your day is filled with lots of joy and happiness....


Vacation time is the BEST!!   Wouldn't it be great if we were all able to take a good vacation at least 10 days or so, ever other month?...