Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Apologies, Please!

I know that I have been absent from the Blogging world lately.... I truly have not had ANY time to stop by and visit my dear sweet friends...

LIFE has taken over and I'm finding it hard to keep up with such a busy lifestyle!
Could this be a normal thing for a person like me,  who is the caretaker of sorts to three other people with myself being a fourth??

My SUV needs a Taxi Cab sign attached to the sun roof, and perhaps a sign....FREE DELIVERY

Every morning for the past two weeks, I have been leaving our house before 8:00 A.M.... in order to taxi two of these dear folks, (whom I love to pieces) all kinds of places.  {Long story...but good blogging topics}

And then.....who ever knew that my sweet dad (who is in the Nursing Home) could possibly have so many dirty clothes.   I bring a load home every single day that has to be washed and dried....{and you know me}....IRONED with creases on the legs of his pants and on the sleeves of his western shirts. 

Not to worry though....I WILL get the hang of all of this and be back to my normal blogging SOON!

Hope you all will continue to visit me...  

Big Hugs...
shug ~


  1. We need you in Bogland.You have much to share,but it sounds like right now you also have enough on your plate without worrying about blogging. Take care my friend,don't get over tired.

  2. Well, first, I have not heard of a nursing home that does not wash clothes. Maybe he doesn't like the way they wash them? He needs your love and your time, not your laundry skills. I hate to think of you so stressed and rushed all the time. You never need to apologize. There is no rule to post and comment every day, and life happens! We love you whenever you post or visit!

  3. No worries, family comes first!

    See you soon.

    M : )

  4. Hi Shug!

    You are missed! But, you are a wonderful mother, wife, grandmother and daughter. I love that you iron your fathers shirts . . . so, so admirable . . . can you feel me giving you big hugs?!


  5. I saw a Tahoe the other day with a license tag that read: I Taxi. I think you could use one of those tags, too. Sometimes you just have to step away from blogging to take care of life. I have decided I am not going to apologize for those days or feel bad anymore(otherwise I would just quit because I hate to do things I feel bad about. ha!) So, no apology necessary to me. blessings and big hugs ~ tanna

  6. Don't worry, Shug, about having to take time off. We all need to do it from time to time. Blogging is fun, but real life must come first. No apologies needed. Have a great day!

  7. Sending my best wishes your way to acclimate to your new schedule! I know you can do it!

  8. I'm sure you will make it through this, dear Shug. Life throws us challenges to make us tough! Hang in there.

  9. I agree family first-- but don't forget about your recent surgery and to put yourself ahead of others with Good Rest, Daily Nourishment , Fresh Air, Plenty of Water, Less stressing-- do all that in Christ!
    Girl you know what I mean!
    He will strengthen you by His Joy and with Grace!!
    I'll be here when you write--

  10. No apology needed. Life happens and you need to take care of those you love. We understand.

  11. Hi Shug, Oh I understand too well. Life just is busier the older I get and I think more is going on now then 20 years ago. LOL
    When my mother was in the nursing home, I too had tons of clothes to wash and iron each week. But I know you do this gladly for your father. They had laundry service in mom's place but clothes would get lost so it was just easier for me to bring them home.

    No apology necessary my friend. All you are doing comes first and blogging will always be here when you have time.

    Take care of you along the way too. Care givers can get over tired and remember to give yourself a little break now and then.

    Sending you hugs and best wishes for a nice weekend.
    Blessings to you and yours, CM

  12. Bless you for all you do! No need for apologies. When life happens, blogging has to get pushed back. That's a law. Tee hee. Hope you're not overdoing it! Stay sweet, Shug.


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