Monday, April 13, 2015

3 Pigs and More

                                                     "Tori".... running the hurdles at her last Track Meet!  

"Sports" and "Showing Pigs" is what has occupied this families time this past week and weekend!

The Henderson County Livestock show was held this past week and our kiddos had 3 BIG ol' pigs to show.   The showing was to begin at 5:30 on Thursday evening.  

Sam and I got to this event around 5:00 and was hoping for all three pigs to show before 8:00.   IT didn't happen.   There were {340 something} pigs in the show.....and guess which pig showed last?  Tori's pig!!

I think we got home around 11:30!!

Friday night was a late night as well.  Sam and I watched Trey play baseball and this game lasted until about 10:00.   

Whew....we are getting pretty good at staying up past 9:00.  Do you think all of this late night stuff will somehow keep us YOUNG?

Baseball was our Saturday event...3 games!

Fun in the Sun!!!

It is raining today.....However, we have a grandson {Tucker} playing in a Regional Golf Tournament.   He is representing our High his score at the District tournament, earned him a spot at Regional.  

Although the rain is here....the tournament "GOES ON"

Praying God's Favor upon Tucker today, as he plays through the rain.

Yep....Pig Show, Golf, Baseball, Track Meet.....this is good entertainment....




  1. Good morning, Shug! Oh my, I hope you will not have to sit in the rain! Staying up late is fun, but only if you can sleep late in the morning. And I have a feeling you are never able to. I love your picture! The competition of running really shows on her face.

  2. Shug, my brother was the pig man, back on the farm....I was with the chickens!

  3. Sounds like great entertainment to me! You and Sam are the best grandparents to go to all the kids events. Not all grandparents will take time to do that, so kudos to you guys! I know your grandchildren will always remember you were there for them. Now, I do hope you get some rest, too! Have a nice week!

  4. Your schedule sounds much like ours...minus a pig show! But hey, that certainly would mix things up for us a bit if we had one! Get some rest, Shug!

  5. Y'all are two of the busiest grandparents I know! Jeez Louise! The photo of your granddaughter running is truly sensational. Best to all the grands!

  6. Hi Shug!

    You are one busy lady!

    I would love to go to a pig show, all those cute little, or big, squealers! I love animals!

    Track, baseball and golf, all my favorite sports . . . except for football and basketball of course! don't you love being a grandma and getting to cheer for your grandkids?!

    And, the answer is yes, staying up late and enjoying your family will indeed keep you young! Now we all know your secret!


  7. Those grandkids keep us busy don't they?

  8. Sounds like everyone is staying active. Neat running shot.

  9. You are blessed with such a beautiful phamily too! Our youngest son is a distance runner and attends Kansas Wesleyan U on scholarship. He also recently took up golf and loves it! Love those kids who love their sports. I have a nephew, Troy, who graduates this year, he is one fine musician, plays the sax! Sigh! Busy kids are happy kids aren't they? Glad I am going to get to know you here. Hugs, Anne


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