Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, March 2, 2015

Are you completely clothed?

Dear Aunty crack me up!

Many times....the things that Aunty Acid has to say, fits me to a T.

Is it the age thing?  Perhaps it's the weather....I don't know! As of late, I find that I could easily stay in my Pj's all day long.   {Good news is, I don't}

By 7:00 in the evening, if you were to drop by our house, it's probable that you would find me in my Pj's.  Not only me...but Sam too!!

Being "Casual" means feeling comfortable.  Not everyone will agree with me about this.  Some people are just as comfortable in dress slacks and a jacket....but for me... my flannel pj's, jeans and a T-shirt is what calls my name.

Bless their Hearts!!
those that can wear heels and dress clothes every day....

One area of our life that we cannot afford to be casual in, is "Our Christian Walk."

We must put on the armor of God...everyday.

It takes a conscious effort to be completely  clothed with the armor of God....

I pray that my life glorifies the Lord....

Have an awesome day!!



carolann said...

I am clothed both ways.

Cute number 1 and yes #2.

Have a blessed day.

Pam said...

I'm with you all the way, Shug! It is so gosh darn cold here, whatever it takes to keep warm! Aunty Acid cracks me up also! She says it like it is. I had an aunt who always stayed "dressed up," nylons, lipstick, the works. Never could figure that out. It was a huge event when she started wearing pants instead of dresses! :-) Have a perfect week!

Ginny said...

Hi Shug! Again, you have outdone yourself with your header! It ROCKS! Is it an old railroad, a bridge that looks like one. And looking quite spooky at the end, where does it end? It can also represent the journey of our lives. Spooky at times, BUT we know we are going into the light and the streets of gold. Am I digressing or what? I try to stay dressed as long as I can, and it is always jeans and a comfy top. Life is too short to be miserable with heels, tight waistbands, and such. But of course I always look good when going somewhere! My secret slob life.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I love Maxine's funny quotes, but I haven't seen Aunty Acid before...too funny!
Oh, I'm all about comfort here at home. I'm usually in sweat pants or jeans in the winter and comfy capris in the summer.
Have a nice day!

Linda Kay said...

I'm usually in my pjs until I get done commenting on my blogs in the morning. Unless I have an appointment in the morning, that is. Then if I do not have an obligation in the evening, it's back into those flannel jammies. My hubby likes them cause they are warm and cuddly.

Wanda said...

I've been a "gown" person my entire adult life. I do get in my gown early, and have been known to clean my whole house in my gown.
I'm hot blooded, so I can't wear flannel, but I love cotton, and am always on the look out for cotton nightgowns. Oh did I mention they have to be long..I love long gowns. That we too much info. Sorry.

But hubby and I like to be comfortable after dinner, and I go to bed early.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Without a doubt you do glorify our Lord, Shug. I was in my PJs by 7 last night, too! ;) blessings ~ tanna

Gail Dixon said...

How have I not seen Aunty Acid? She sure is cute.

Not only does it glorify, but your life blesses others. I so appreciate your sound, biblical posts!

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