Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wow...They are Powerful.

Still cold outside and there is still frozen pebbles of sleet on the ground.  YIKES!!! I have a Dr's appointment this morning, and..... I am so thankful that Sam will be driving me!!

It's the bridges that scare me.....Just the mention of Ice and Bridge {in the same sentence} makes the palms of my hands sweat.

In the Cold Winter Weather, Hot Chocolate is a must!


Do any of you watch 
"The Voice?"

Awe, Man......Sam and I watched it last night and I am so amazed at just how many people have such Talented voices!

I can't carry a tune in a bushel basket....or as us Texans might say..."Can't sing a lick" BUT, I would love to have beautiful vocal chords.

We all have "Bucket List" but, if I could have a "Miracle List"......Singing would be on the top of the list.   It would definitely take a miracle for me to have a voice to sing.

I love music and I can honestly say that through music, the Power of the Holy Spirit moves me.  Some of the old hymns and their lyrics....WOW, they are Powerful.

....My love for singing is not the Talent that God placed in my life.  No...God gave me different talents....I've yet to discover them completely....But, God has given me talents.   

What I must do is ask:  What potential powers of creativity has God given me, and how can I use these talents to bring Glory to God?

For now....I'll just have to keep watching the "Voice" and enjoy seeing others use their talented voices!!


Everyone...please be careful.  We have some nasty weather across the Nation.

shug ~


Ginny said...

You are so wise, Shug. Yes, we all know we have each one been given a gift. But we need to pray and ask to realize it and do God's work with it. I cannot sing either, and I would love to also! I get shivers listening to our choir, even their practices! I like both the newer music and the old hymns. I am scared for you, not a bridge in the ice!! Let us know how it went and what the doctor said!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Shug ~ I think you are wise to avoid driving on ice.
Agree about the old hymns putty fire in your belly ~ anything by Charles Wesley is filled with the Holy Spirit . . . :)

Linda Kay said...

Hi, Shug...well, one of your talents is in writing your blog! My hubby and I always sing in a church choir, no matter where we happen to live. I'm not a soloist and neither is he, but we can contribute to the choir as a whole. A little icy in Texas this morning!

Christine said...

I'm with you sister, on how music moves me. AMEN!

I love it when a child sits on the counter and you can see them eye to eye. Cute!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Stay safe on those icy streets. I do not have a beautiful voice,although I love to sing.I prefer a church setting with the congregation.I have often said I obey the Scripture which says to 'make a joyful noise to the Lord'.I can do that.

Michelle said...

Do be careful, Shug!

Wanda said...

We watched it too, and you are so right...What talent, and such a variety. I love to sing, but I have a low voice and can harmonize, but not to good with the melody.

We all have gifts, and you are wise to stick with the one God gives. I think you have many gifts, and yur blog is just one of them.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I'm with you on the desire to sing... and the inability to do that. ESPECIALLY in singing praises I WANT to so badly. But, it wasn't in my plan either. =) Be safe and stay warm! blessings ~ tanna

Betsy Brock said...

Hope you made it to your appointment ok! I saw that even Texas was experiencing some of this crazy weather! We were -18 yesterday morning before the wind chill here in Ohio! I think it will be a while before the snow is melted away!

love that little hot chocolate drinker...she's a cutie!

Gail Dixon said...

Gosh, I know what you mean about the words ice and bridge making you feel panicky. That's what it does to me! Hope y'all are thawing out now and the dr visit went well.

We are watching The Voice after a few seasons of Not watching it. Seems much more cohesive now and the talent is crazy good. That long haired kid from Monday night is the one I'm watching.

One of your many talents is compassion for people. Your examples of faith and wisdom are also gifts that have personally blessed me. Thank you for sharing your life and gifts with us.

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