Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Poll is now Open...

In case you all have Not noticed....Christmas Decorations have now filled the stores!  

Yes, Christmas decor is everywhere and as much as I don't like to see all of these decorations out in October.....this is one year that I am benefiting from the early arrival.   

I have had to make a few purchases already.  I have several projects going on and will be using them in our home for the "Christmas Tour."

Speaking of Christmas....I recently came across a poll on how much grandparents SPEND on their grandchildren at Christmas. 

It looks as if the poll results came from asking a hundred grandparents what they spend on each grandchild.  

I wonder if all these people were from one location, or if they polled GP from all over the United States?  And...what income range did they poll?

View Poll Results: How much do you spend on your grandchildren's Christmas gifts
Less than $1001047.62%
$100 - $1501047.62%
$150 - $20000%
$200 and over14.76%
Voters: 21. You may not vote on this poll

What is your take on this particular poll?  What category do you fit in?  The red, blue, yellow or pink group....Or none of the above?

All six of our grandchildren "LOVE" opening packages!!  Christmas at Pop's and Shug's is a big thing for each of them....and us too!

However....the older they get the more costly their chosen items become.  It sure was simple way back then, when I could easily wrap up five or six gifts a piece for them....and still not spend a lot of money...and stockings were filled with apples, oranges, candy and nuts?



Ginny said...

You are so right! Small children are just satisfied with simple toys. UNTIL the tech age came!! Now my granddaughter wants iPods, American Girl dolls and nothing that is cheap! Love your van, and I see that your name is on it!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Under $100... we have 17 grand kids!
Also-- If you were polling asking what my thoughts are on Christmas packing the isles in October... I'd give it a big fat thumbs down.:)
I tried to by charcoal lighter today at Dollar General.
None. They had 5 grills on the back wall high up on the shelf. Not one briquet or bottle of lighter fluid. :/
Come on! it's Sunday, the Cowbowys were playing... and we're in TEXAS!
Tons of Christmas junk from China though.
Please don't misunderstand... Love Christmas. Just not so early.

Gail Dixon said...

We have five grandchildren, so there is a budget and we stick to it. Thankfully, most of them are old enough to appreciate money. We are most generous with our kids, but there are SIX of them total, so Christmas gets a little expensive at the Dixon household.

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