Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Orange things....

Busy times around here!!  Sam came in for lunch today, and the first thing he said when he walked through the back door was: "This Christmas thing really has you doing some cleaning!"

And he is right....I have been doing a lot of extra cleaning!! Cleaning things like all the light fixtures in the house and all of the vents!  Things that need to be done on a regular basis ANYWAYS!

I took my dad to the "Pumpkin Patch" and he loved it!!  He wanted me to take his picture beside everything on the lot.....lol.  I love this man!

Wow.....I'm thinking that it might be a good thing to grow some of these things next year!!!!!
Pumpkins can be quite PRICEY....

Have any of you ever eaten a "Chocolate Persimmon?"  They taste soooo good!!  Sam grows these at the farm.  What is great is when you can walk out in the field and take one off of the tree....and eat it right there!

Aren't they gorgeous??


Happy Tuesday Y'all...



  1. ALL of us love the pumpkin patch!!! Love that photo of your dad! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  2. The persimmons are really pretty! And I learned something today...that there are different kinds! A man a few blocks away from us grows giant pumpkins in his back yard. One is so huge that it cannot be lifted. So he wheels it out front on a big cart. Is the header in your yard? I really like it!

  3. I grew some pumpkins for decorating this year. They are expensive! Your Dad looks like such a sweet man. Nice that he was able to get out to the pumpkin patch.

  4. How fun to get to go with your Dad and make some memories! He's a handsome man...very photogenic! Tell him I said that! heehee! And I love persimmons but have never had one of these. Oh my! How yummy! Hugs, Diane


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