Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, October 6, 2014

God's Favor

Can I tell you that God's "Favor" is so amazing!!

I don't even have my photos edited as of yet, but I have been so excited to share just how comforting and peaceful our trip to Branson was.   

This past Wednesday, Sam and I made an "Out of the Blue" decision, to leave Friday morning for a drive up to Branson...   This is a 8 from our part of the Country.

We left early Friday morning and we ended up taking the scenic route.....all the way to Missouri!!  It ended up taking us 13 hours to arrive at the "Chateau on the Lake" located on beautiful, Table Rock Lake.

For me, it was a pure JOY ride!!  I loved every minute of this trip.

Let me talk about God's "Favor."   These are happenings that I know God provided or placed before us.   If any of you have ever been to the "Chateau on the Lake" hotel, then you know that the parking lot is a bit steep.  To avoid the $18.00 per night valet parking fee, we decided to park our own car.

We have been to this hotel many times and never have I seen a front row parking spot (Available) ......but this time there was one.   It was open...just for us.    What a wonderful Blessing!

Our breakfast on Sat. morning was so very relaxing!  The food was good, the view of the calm, blue lake was even better and enjoying all of this with Sam, was the Best of the Best.

.....The weather was everything that I had hoped for!  Day time temps were in the upper 60's and the night time temps dropped down, way low!     It felt so good and was so refreshing!!

One of the main things on our agenda was to see...."Jonah" at the Sight and Sound theater!   Perfect seating!!!    The show was more than awesome!

Another thing on our list was to eat the fabulous pizza at
"Florentina's Ristorante Italiano" located on Green Mountain Road.   Oh my...the best stone oven pizza, ever!!

People were standing in line....lots of people.....waiting to be seated.   I walk up to the hostess desk and just as I'm about to give our name, a young waiter looks at me and says:  "Follow me."   I said:  "don't we need to sign in first?"  

He said, "No".....just follow me!   Talk about God's favor?....His favor was all around us!   I felt guilty, but....what could I say.  

As we were driving home on Sunday.....we stopped at a "Cracker Barrel" to eat lunch.   Once again, the place was packed and the big porch was full of people waiting to be seated...    I gave the hostess our name and I inquired as to  how long the wait would be.    She assured me that there would be at least a 20 to 25 min wait.   

I went to the restroom and I immediately hear them call.....Sam, party of 2.   I went out to the hostess stand and ask it there was another (Sam, party of 2).....She said:  "No"
and told me they were ready to seat us!  WOW!  Not even a 5 min. wait.  

These things did not all happen by was God's favor!   This entire trip....(I do believe) was ordered by God.  HE knew the "rest" that was needed, not only in my body, but in my mind as well...

Thank you Lord.

More on our trip to come later...
shug ~


Ruth Hiebert said...

God was certainly providing for you.He knew just what you needed,as He always does.I am so glad you were able to enjoy this special time away.

Betsy Adams said...

Wow---sounds like an awesome trip --even though so short... Things just fell in line JUST for you and Sam... Awesome!!!!!

George and I love those last minute trips... Seems like those work out better sometimes than the ones we plan and plan..


Terra said...

God's favor was dancing all around you and giving you gentle care on your vacation.

Gail Dixon said...

God is smiling knowing that you appreciated the small things he did for you. Your posts are always so uplifting and Christ-centered. Glad you had a good time and let your soul be refreshed. :) You are such a blessing to me and I'm happy to see this today!

Dar said...

On our trip to TX when we moved my sister north, we had those 'favors from God ' it seemed, all the week of packing and the trip back home again. It's so refreshing, indeed when things fall into place ' just as God planned.'
You and Sam had a wonderful trip and truly were blessed.
Thank you for sharing your inspiring experiences. I needed to read this.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love hearing about his provision... your trip sounds restful, no worries. And lots of fun!
By scenic, you mean you drove up HWY 65 through Marshall? Because that is beautiful country right there.
We used to travel to Marshall to see the inlaws-- and not once, EVER...did we travel north to Branson.
So close yet so far!
glad you had a wonderful trip.

Marie said...

God was definitely with you all on your trip! I enjoyed reading about all the blessings. Can't wait to see the photos, too!

Ida said...

Praise God that you had such a beautiful, fun and relaxing trip.

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