Friday, October 17, 2014

Barn Finds.....

Who doesn't love Barn Finds?  Especially when you are first in enter the big massive doors.  

I have big plans for some of my picks.....and this will be revealed in a latter post.  For now....let me show you my finds!

How many of you have ever cranked one of these things?  

I remember dad would make "Homemade" ice cream....back in my childhood days!  We had the old crank kind of machine....and all of us kids would take turns....Turning the Crank!

Over the years...can you imagine how many of these old wooden machine barrels, were just thrown in the dump?  Many, I am sure.

I actually found this little jewel at an Antique store, this past weekend.

Isn't she lovely?  Just needs a little cleaning up and will be a sweet charm!

I have big plans for this old 
manual typewriter. has already been a big hit with the grandkids.  The first words out of their mouths was...."What is This?"   lol.

This old box is nothing but complete "Sweetness!"   It was tucked underneath a pile of other junk.  Just one look, and I knew I had to have it!  

Just look at the richness in this piece!!  My favorite find!!

And last....this old metal ladder!
Yep....I have big plans for this thing too.  

Don't you absolutely love the rust?  Speaks Character!!

Did I mention that all of these things were great bargains?  I'm super happy with all of my finds!


I would like to ask you all to stop what you are doing and please say a prayer for my sweet friend Kay......Kay is in surgery right now....undergoing  the removal of a cancerous Brain tumor.   Please join me in prayer!!
Thank you!!

Blessings my dear friends...
Shug ~


  1. Great finds! And I can just hear the grandkids questioning you about the typewriter. LOL Love the ladder. I'm wondering when it is we all seemed to fall in love with rust! Cool!

  2. Great finds for you. I am late reading blogs today. How did Kay's surgery go?

  3. Shug, sorry I'm so behind in blog reading! I hope your friend's surgery went well. Please update us when you have a chance.

    I love that old turquoise ice cream maker. Wow. And the typewriter is a fabulous find!

  4. Oh My Goodness... You had fun purchasing all of those antiques... My family used to make home-made ice cream in one of those crank things. It was SO SO SO good. AND--they had a similar typewriter... Congrats on all of your 'finds'....

    I will pray for your friend Kay.

  5. yum, I love homemade ice cream made from one of those. My granny used to have one and my aunt got it. I miss that taste! The ladder is my favorite.

  6. Great finds, Now you've got my attention so I'll be waiting to see what you create with them.


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