Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Be Still.........

\I must admit that I don't always listen for the voice of God..
As much as I try, there are days when my mind is focused on other things and I forget to be still and let God be in control.

I sometimes repress the Holy Spirit and therefore, I am unable to hear God's voice directing me.   

Here's the funny thing though......I seek God and I ask HIM to lead me, to open doors, to give me wisdom......but yet, I 
go through my day, unconscious  of His small still voice because I do not quite myself.

I'm pretty sure that there are times when God shakes His head in amazement of how quick I am to ask, but how much quicker I am to become deaf when He speaks.    

I don't have the answers to so many things......and yes, I can say that I'm waiting on God to reveal what it is that He wants ME to do......but, the truth is, I am not reaching down into the depths of my hearing, to master what God is saying.


Ginny said...

That's O.K. you are still on the right track, Shug!! You pray, and you want God to show you what is right and what He wants from you. That is much much more than many do!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amen. I know that I am guilty of asking and then not listening.

Betsy Adams said...

Well--I think that is just the human nature in all of us... We ask ---and yet, don't listen...

Guess that is why we have to keep reminding ourselves of this constantly...


Gail Dixon said...

This is me! I think we all struggle with this. I am reading a book by Kay Arthur called "Lord, Teach Me To Pray In 28 Days." The book is teaching me to slow down and really focus on how God wants us to communicate with him. It's a marvelous book and I highly recommend it.

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