Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Catkins are wreaking havoc

The trees are all leafed out.....the flowers in East Texas are beautiful.....and the tassels on the Pecan trees are falling everywhere.

I have been sneezing and my eyes are itching like crazy!!
I'm not the only one that is suffering from allergies.....lots of folks around here are having scratchy throats and watering eyes. 

                                                                                      {Borrowed Photo}

These little tassels {catkins} can really wreak havoc to the eyes of those who are allergic to them.   

Just so happens that we have a huge pecan tree in our yard, which means that we have thousands of these little tassels all around.   With the wind blowing like it has today, you can see clouds of yellow pollen flying through the air.    

Just this morning, I was talking to some of my high school classmates and we were reminiscing about some of the old songs from the late sixties and early seventies.   

The one that I thought of went something like this:  "Sunshine, blue skies, please go away...........I know to you it might sound strange, But I WISH IT WOULD RAIN"   

Oh how I wish it would rain and perhaps some of this pollen would go away!!

Do any of you remember who wrote this old song??

Rain is scheduled to make it's way to East Texas.....on Thursday.   Hopefully it will, and hopefully it will wash this stuff away!!   

Local honey DOES work.....but here's the deal.   I only like honey if I'm eating a sopaipilla.   Does this mean that I should eat one every morning for breakfast?  I hope so!!

                                            Shug ~~


  1. I remember the song, it was the Temptations. My mom had bad allergic asthma and had to drop out of school in third grade. Back then, doctors didn't know much about it. She spent a lot of time in oxygen tents. And she always wished it would rain!! The rain would wash everything away and she would get relief. Only you could make all these roses so wildly beautiful!

  2. What is a sopaipilla? I love honey. A blogger friends just sent me a whole case of Maple things from Virginia..and honey was one of the items.
    That's a great picture of you, by the way. I love it!
    I don't know what the name of the song is. I love a cloudy day and love rainy weather even more.
    With all the wind we have had, California is full of alergy miserable people too.

  3. Yes! The Temptations. Loved that song. And I hope it does rain to give you some relief! Those dadgum catkins are so annoying. The dogs track them in all over the house. :(

    Loving your new blog header with all those beautiful roses. Wow.

  4. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I pretty blessed, I don't suffer too much allergies this time of year... usually Fall for me.
    My kids... not that fortunate. I didn't know those were called catkins ... wonder why?
    We do have Catalpa Trees and they are blooming (late) right now...and come to think of it...I do have a bit of a tickle in my throat. Hope it passes. Like you I take the honey, I mix with garlic and a tsp of lemon juice and drink it down. It makes that tickle go right away.
    **For Wsprsweetly of Cottages... a SOPAPILLA is a fried pastry, eaten in Latin countries and in Texas (Tex-Mex restaurants serve them) it is plain. But when they are warm and put a little bit of butter and then some Honey on them (some people like cinnamon and sugar...NOT me). Pop a bite in your mouth ...Mmmm it just melts!
    Now- I want a warm sopapilla with honey and butter.
    Shug-- hope those allergies go away soon! Maybe if we get the rain they are promising.
    also, I Youtubed the Temptations singing I wish it would rain, while typing this novel... LOL!


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