Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Slider and Whiskey Cake Adventure....

I enjoyed an amazing weekend with my sweetheart this past.   In the above photo, we were sitting outside of the "Whiskey Cake" bar and grill, waiting for our table to come open.  (50 min. wait)  Sounds like some kind of  club/bar that we were at, but it's just a FABULOUS restaurant that serves FABULOUS food.  

Oh My Goodness.....these things are delicious!   Of course, country folks don't usually have their food served to them on a BRICK.  What was Sam's first question??   "What's the Brick for?" Lol. you see those sticks going through the middle of the slider?  They extend down through the holes in the brick and that is what holds the sliders together.  Smart thinking for City Slickers.

Here is the famous "Whiskey Cake."    

Golly.....Gee Whiz.....This thing was so RICH and sooooo tasty!

What you see is not just Pecans.....these are Sugared Pecans!! our Road Tripping Friends.. !  It's a "ROAD TRIP" kind of place.

We also visited the American Girl Doll Store!  You can just imagine the fun that Sam had here!!!      Really though, he was a big sport about having to be in a shop with dolls and doll furniture a hundred or so little girls whose high pitched voices DO NOT HARMONIZE!!  You know what I mean?

   Mylee's 6th birthday is Jan. 31st and so you can now see why this was a necessary stop!!   

Stopped in at the "Cheesecake Factory" for lunch.  Never, ever can you beat this place!  Guess what?  Neither of us ordered Cheesecake!   Can you believe it?   

I got an early Valentine gift!.....and I love it!!   A new Brighton purse.   Woo hoo....thank you sweetheart.  The sale ladies always treat Sam so special.   They are eager to make him comfortable with a nice chair and a cold bottle of water.  
(No dummies there.....They know who pays!)

After our shopping trip to the Brighton store, we took in a movie.   We saw the movie "Nebraska."  Good movie and I tell you......I can so relate to the whole aspect of having to deal with aging parents!  Felt like I was starring in the movie myself.   If any of you have seen this movie, then I want to clarify that I'm not the MOM character!   For sure!

Had "Fuddruckers" for dinner that night.  Crazy name isn't it?
Again.....great food here as well.   

Sounds like all we did was eat.....and I will admit that we did eat more than we usually do.  

I'm gonna stop right here for the day.....I have more to tell you about our weekend, so come on back tomorrow to hear about some high flying!

BTW....I got ahead of myself on this post! Our Sunday noon meal was at the "Whiskey Cake."  Join me tomorrow for the rest of our SUNDAY!

Shug ~


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Sounds like lots of delicious food.My little granddaughter would go wild with excitement in an American Girl Store.She is a shopper.Must have gotten that trait from her Grandma.:)

Gail Dixon said...

I think I gained a few just reading this post! Good food, though. The whiskey cake sounds wonderful. Congrats on your early V-day gift. Enjoy your week!!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Yummmmy! That food is making me drool....and I just had dinner! LOL! Don't you wish they had stores like that when we were little girls!!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had such a great time!

Lea said...

Oh, my! looks like a fun road trip for sure! Can't wait to hear the rest!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Now, that's my kind of road trip!! =) blessings ~ tanna

Betsy Adams said...

Wow---what a weekend…. Sounds like you all had a marvelous time… But Mama has to 'fuss' a little at her friend. I 'thought' you are dieting --or being more careful. Holy Cow---with those places you went (Cheesecake Factory, Fuddruckers, Wiskey Cake Bar and Grill) ---I would gain 5 pounds just walking in there… BUT---I know how GOOOOOODDDD that foot must have been… This week, you'll have to get back on 'program'… Mama says!!!! ha ha


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