Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A+ Blog

Not only do I love blogging.......I also love arts, crafts and decorating.  

I know......!!  You would say "I don't see arts, crafts or any kind of decorating on your blog."  Isn't this right??

Sure it is....because the truth is, I haven't had time for any of these things and for this reason....I have nothing in this area to share with you.   

  I must those of you who do follow my blog.   I realize that I have let you down!  For the past several months, I truly have not posted many things that have come from my heart.  I've struggled with my writing and I've set aside my normal activities such as photography and being creative.   

The things that I say on my blog are important to me. I choose to talk about things that have a purpose in my life.  I post photos of things that have touched me in some way.    I'ts very important that I do my best to make this special place of mine.....come to life.....not only for me, but for each of you....MY READERS.

I feel sure that just as soon as I get my space back here at home and as soon as I am able to re-direct my thoughts towards the gifts that God has given me......I will be able to make this an A+ blog!

Hugs....Sweet Friends!!
Shug ~


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I think it is already an A+ blog. I enjoy reading your thoughts and learn from them.

Terra said...

I am always glad to read a post by you, no matter the subject, and you are not disappointing me. So, see you next time, til then have fun.

Gail Dixon said...

Despite what you may think, I love reading about your thoughts...on God, on many things. I am not following you because of your craftiness, not that those aren't good, they are. :) You almost always have something to say that makes me think or blesses me in some way.

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