Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Never a Dull Moment.....

Never a dull moment......These four little words BEST describe our home!!  I promise you....we made a huge mistake by not installing  revolving doors at this house.   I never know who will be walking in the door next!   I never know who will be staying for dinner.

I was busy doing something this afternoon and to my amazement, I look up and see the face of a kid that I have never seen before.  But, this is nothing NEW.     I love for the kids to invite their friends over!   Tucker introduced me to his friend and the first thing that his friend said was:  "I love your cooking."     

Of course, I'm thinking......"I've never seen you do you know anything about my cooking?"     Seems that Tucker is always sharing his goodies with his friends at school.   Yay for this!!

If you will take a moment to notice my header picture, you will see, none other than Tyler and Shanda.   Wrestling is just what happens around here!  It appears that Shanda is under to assumption that she can stand strong with Tyler.........Hmmm, lets take a look and see!!

It's not looking Good!!     Sister (this is what the kids call her) has gotten herself in quite a predicament!!

YES.........indeed she has!!

When the wrestling starts around this place, one can usually find ME......standing back saying "Oooooooo, Ooooooooo, Ooooooooo......Ya'll stop now!"

Do they listen to me????    NOT!!

Mylee Jo has come to the rescue of her mom!!    Not sure she was able to stop these two, but at least she was trying.

I've always heard it said that "A happy home is full of laughter and love."   We definitely have lots of laughter and TONS of Love around this place.....

Laughter and Love to each of you!!



Mary Callan said...

Oh my!! looks like a LOT of fun at your house!!! When can i come round???
Mary x

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Crazy Lady..... I love laughter and love ---and you obviously have TONS of it in your household....

BUT--when you get my age (many many years from now)---as much as you love all of the 'action', you will WANT CALMNESS.... I would die if my kids/families moved back home.... I love them --but I HAVE to have my quietness THESE days.....

Good Luck with all of that JOY..... ha


Jacqueline said...

I can just see feet or a head or elbow going through your beautiful TV! How fun that the house is always full of life and I guess things get broken but they can be replaced, right?!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Shug, your home is like the home we all long for... full of laughter and love! It just doesn't get any better than that... ever! =) blessings ~ tanna

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