Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, May 6, 2013

Stand UP......

Good Morning Friends........

I never want to start a day by let me first do this.....

"The blood that Jesus shed for me, way back at Calvary;

the blood that gives me strength from day to day, 

it will never lose it's power.

I Praise God for this blood!  I Praise God that this blood will never, ever, lose it's power!!  No 

matter what the situation  is in life........God's blood will never lose it's POWER.


The definition of ANGRY is:  having a strong feeling of/or showing annoyance, 

displeasure, or hostility.

How much of  Face Book is really worth getting upset about?  Not much.....I agree.   How much of what we read is true?  How much is stretched just a bit?   

I read a post yesterday.....on my FB page......that was  sharing about a recent interview that Matt Lauer of the NBC Today program, did with the wife of a Navy Seal that was killed in Libya.  According to the post, Matt asked the wife, of this now deceased Navy Seal, what she would like most for her kids to remember about their dad.   Again, according to the stated that she said:  "His Love for Christ."    Throughout the day....(Again, according to the post) and on MSN homepage, replaying the story, they edited the "Love for Christ" OUT.    The reason as said in the post was because they did not want to offend anyone.  

Friends......I have to tell you.....if this is true, then it makes me angry.   I went to the FB page of NBC and posted a comment in regards to this story.   I stated that I am someone and that I was highly offended by the choice that they made to leave out this very important part of this woman's story.   I went back to check on the comment that I made and guess what?  It had been deleted!!!!!!  Yes....deleted!

I am a Christian and yes, it does offend me that the news media can take testimonies and Praises away from us.....the Christians of the United States of America.  

I tried to research this story myself, however......I was unable to produce the actual interview.  I am not a person that just jumps out there to falsely make accusations, but I know that time and time again I have witnessed  the media being biased against Christians.

It is very important that we as Christians stand up for what we believe in.   I believe in Jesus Christ and I know that it was HIS blood that was shed at Calvary for me.  It is HIS Blood that gives me strength every single day and because of this.....I have the Power to stand up to those that try to offend me.

I plan to move forward today and I refuse to let the media rob me of my joy.......I know where the on and off button is on our remote and if necessary......I will boycott their programs.....

Hope your day will as productive and full of JOY...

shug ~


Anonymous said...

what happened to freedom of speach, how can they do this, they shouldn't be able to change her words they asked the question, I'm sorry this upset you, it upset me too just reading it!
Sometims I feel like not turning on the tv radio or read the paper, it all gets to be tooo much, but I truly feel if they ask a question the answer should be printed in entirety!!!

Anonymous said...

I got so worked up I forgot to say what a beautiful header photo, my gosh those girls of yours are mini YOU's, they look exactly like yOu!!Beautiful!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

I understand your anger. But if Snooes is to be believed, then the story is false. That may be why your comment was deleted. I have the link if you'd like me to send it. Hope the rest of your day is blessed. And anger-free! Hugs, Shug!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

It wouldn't surprise me at all to know this story is true. But, even if it is not, there are far too many similar stories that are. It's a sad state of affairs that this country has gone so far left that we can't stand up for Christ without being deleted because we might "offend" someone!! Don't they know who they are really offending when they do this??

I'm really afraid for the future of this country unless Christians everywhere begin to take real stands and speak out against the anti-Christian agenda that is being pushed on us daily. As my hubby just said over the weekend...what once was wrong is now right and what was right is now wrong. Or so it seems!

Terra said...

Hi Shug, I like your header photo of you 3 lovely ladies. I hope the news story is not true, but it is believable because there is so much prejudice against us in the news media.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Seems to me that the best thing we can do is to stand firm for Christ and let the pieces fall where they may.The media does not like us as christians to stand for what we believe,but we must.

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