Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day......Remembering


Gorgeous tulips......for me.......from my son-in-love.....Ty    Such a neat surprise to find these on my front porch this past Thursday evening!!   I am Blessed!!


Today is Mother's Day and I can for sure tell you that I miss my mom terribly.....There are days when I will catch a scent of something that reminds me of her, and I find myself searching the room until I find that particular scent.

Like this past week for example.....I used some lotion that I haven't used in a while.  It took me back a spell.  My mom used this same lotion, and the sweet fragrance brought back so many memories for me.  

Do we really realize how special memories can be?  What would we do without them?    I love remembering the precious times that I had with my mom.

I guess I was a mama's baby.....I could not stand to be away from her.  I remember when I was in the fourth grade....My mom worked at the school, and every single day, my mind would get lost, just thinking about my mom being there and my need to go be with her.  

Sometimes, my teacher would let me out of class to go see my mom, and I can remember never wanting to go back to class....I just wanted to stay right there with her.

There was another time....I think it was the end of my sixth grade year.  I was going home with a friend of mine for a sleep over.   I remember being so excited, until it got dark outside....all I could think about was my mom.   She had just bought me a brand new pair of house shoes, and I remember.....going to sleep with those little slippers in my arms.    It was all I could think of, to keep me close to my mom.

All of this closeness didn't end there.....I never wanted to be very far away from her.  She was what made my heart happy.  Even after Sam and I got married......I had to talk to my mom every day.....sometimes we talked several times a day.  

I remember all of the tears that I cried when we first found out that she was sick.   I honestly could not bear to think of her not being here.   There was one day (about a month) before she passed away.... I was at the hospital, sitting there with mother and trying to do anything and everything that I could do to ease her pain.

It was just mom and I in that hospital room.....I could tell by the trembling sound of her voice, that she had something very important to say.  What she wanted to tell me was that she knew in her heart that she didn't have very long to live, but she wanted me to know that she would always be with me.  

The next month was very hard for all of us......but God was there for us to lean on.   My heart was shattered the day that mother passed away, but I just kept remembering what she told me that day....."She would always be with me."

It has been eight years since her passing.....and I truly miss her as much today as ever.   I dream ever now and then about her.....but something always stops me from being able to touch her (in my dreams)  and this is the one thing that I long to do........

I sometimes ask myself......Did I hug my mom enough?  Did I tell her that I loved her often enough?   Yes....I did and for this, I am truly grateful.   If your mom is here with you today......make sure you give her a special hug.   Let her know just how much you love her.  

I love you mom.....and some sweet day.....I will be able to hug you again!


Wishing all my friends a very Happy Mother's Day!!


Ginny said...

Well, your peach colored tulips laying on the table are beautiful, the shot is lovely. And so are your beautiful gift!!! The picture of your mom...she was so pretty, and I know you are carrying on her tradition of loving and caring for and mothering everyone. Her illness and death sound very much like my mom. At about the same time as well. I hope you have an amazing day, you really deserve it...a day to be pampered and not have to cook or do anything!

Pam said...

The tulips are gorgeous and how nice of your SIL! Your mom was very attractive and I can relate to being a mama's baby. I was the same as you when I was young and couldn't stand to be away from her. Here's wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day! Hugs

Betsy Adams said...

OH My... Made me cry. My Mom has been gone since 1991 --and I still miss her, and can 'smell' her fragrances at times... Ah--the memories...

Beautiful flowers. I got some lilies from my step son also... SO pretty.

Happy Mother's Day.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Those precious memories are with you wherever you go.memories are so sweet and yet at the same time can bring so many tears.

Michelle said...

Such wonderful words about your mom. Funny how something like a fragrance can activate so many memories for us. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

Your post made me well up with tears! I miss my mom but we did not have a close relationship when I was growing up. I wish we had what you and your mom had. You were indeed blessed.

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