Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's the Norm.....isn't it?

As a full time wife, mother, and grandmother
(daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin and friend)

I always have to keep in mind that  that whatever attitude or demeanor that I bring
to any given can strongly have a profound effect on the lives of those
that I am surrounded by, and those that I love deeply.

On a number of occasions, I have heard my sweetheart say:  "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

We have laughed, a number of times about this one particular quote.....but honestly, 

Truth  is  Truth....

Everyday, I must consciously make every effort possible, to bring Peace with me....wherever I go!

Sam is the head of our home, and a good one at that.......But, I am the one that keeps things rolling, around here.   It's the norm isn't it????.....for the mother of the house to know where everything is at....what each person's schedule is.....what happened to all of the lost socks.....
How many will be here for know why the milk carton is empty!
and so on and so on......

The best way for me to keep up with it all......and to cover myself in to keep myself organized....... to read God's word and to seek HIS wisdom Daily!

What do you this old saying true?
"If mama's not happy, ain't nobody happy"


When Mama's Happy....the husband, kids, and grandkids are HAPPY!

Happy Day Y'all....

Shug ~


Ginny said...

I love your pretty purple background today1 Yes, I have found this to be true. If you want to get together with someone, or make a doctor appointment, it is the wife who knows the whole schedule and can tell you in a minute. All men will hand the phone to their wives or cover the mouthpiece and ask what are we doing at such and such a time? Men do plenty, to be sure, so I think this can be a help to them. We are the keepers of time!

Betsy Adams said...

Love this post, Shug, since it truly is TRUE... My hubby says it often... He knows that when I'm not happy that things aren't good around the house... SO--like you, I try to bring a good attitude as much as possible to the household.


Jacqueline said...

Dead on! WE are the heart of the home and we have such a huge influence. Glad I have been happy despite all of the pressures lately! I hope I teach through that example - that we can do hard things and still be happy.

Kimmie said...

Oh so true!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Amen. LOL! ;) blessings ~ tanna

Gail Dixon (La.Belle) said...

Oh, yes! How true. With so much to juggle its imperative to find peace. :)

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO true! gotta keep the mama happy :))
Mary x

Pam said...

Pretty lavender and flowers here now! Absolutely---that little saying has been said many days by my hubby! Words of wisdom for sure! Hugs to you, Mama Shug!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Yes, I'd say it's true, at least in our household!
Enjoy the rest of your day. Tomorrow's Friday and the last day of the did that happen so quickly?

Grandma Bonnie said...

I think that saying is very true. Hope you have a great day.

Michelle said...

This is so true! And, our attitude effects so many things in life!

Melinda said...

This IS so true.


Debbie said...

I think we control the environment of our homes a great deal, and can make it a place to be comfy or a hell house. I've seen it go both ways, and I hope I'll be remembered for being somewhat reasonable! ;) You are a great reminder!

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