Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ring the Bells

Hey y''s a BEAUTIFUL day right here in Chandler, Texas.   Flowers are blooming everywhere, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, squirrels are out and about, and it's SUNDAY morning.    Looking forward to going to church today.

Speaking of church.....take a moment and view the link below....

These are some of the kids from Chandler First Assembly.....performing at the  "Kids Fine Arts" this past Saturday.  (Click on the address and it will take you to the video)   So proud of each one of the participants.  

Hope you enjoy......Hope you are Blessed...



Betsy Adams said...

Gorgeous photo of the Bluebonnets and the Indian Paint Brush.. We used to see them every year in Texas when I lived there. I also love the Evening Primrose this time of year down there...

Have a wonderful day.

Ginny said...

Are these Bluebonnets? Be still my heart!! And what are the red flowers? I love your girls in the header, just a beautiful picture! The link says it is unavailable, sorry to be the bearer of this news.

Michelle said...

The flowers are so beautiful! Thank you for the link!

Melinda said...

Such a happy looking picture.
So bright and cheerful!

M :)

Melinda said...

I think I lost my comment.

Your picture is beautiful.

M :)

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

I so miss the bluebonnets and paintbrush. Beautiful!

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